Get a Kick Out of Your Fears.

Ironically enough, we can actually benefit from our fears. Let me put it this way for you: Whenever we do something that makes us nervous, we change completely from the person we were before. It inspires faith in us.

But who am I to make such significant claims? Am I a psychologist? No. It was based on my personal experience. When I was in college, I found it a little unsettling to perform in front of an audience because I worried whether or not I would be able to give a quality performance.

I had two choices. Either give up and never learn the answers, or just jump in, do everything I could, learn the answers, and never look back. I decided to go with option two, and it worked because there was a simulation activity that I participated in. I was a BBA first-year student at the time, competing with students up to MBA second-year, and guess what? I came out on top.

When you face your fear head-on and maintain your composure, you’ll witness it vanish before your very eyes. That’s because fear usually simply exists in the imagination.

Only when there is a threat or a genuine emergency, such as a serious illness, a medical scare, or when your entire world is imploding, is dread justified. Fear serves as a protective mechanism that keeps you away from danger.

So quit fearing fear if you don’t want things to become worse. Get rid of your fears, whether they be of bugs, animals, or people; of losing your job, going bankrupt, or getting dumped; of taking an exam; of speaking, etc.

I’m not sure what level of fulfillment and assurance that gives me. As soon as we see the results, supposedly, it becomes addictive. I experienced the same results. This feeling of accomplishment and self-assurance gave me a boost and paved the way for fresh possibilities. Although I had never hosted an event before, I followed the process and hosted an annual function first, followed by freshers, to satisfy my craving for that high and confidence-booster that comes from overcoming our fears. I understood what the proverb “Do what you scare” meant.

Above all, keep in mind that you possess the courage and knowledge necessary to go beyond any barriers standing in the way of enjoying the life you truly deserve.

By following these easy actions, you may cultivate the quality of confidence inside yourself. You’ll soon be equipped with unparalleled inner strength and power and prepared to face the world.

Never let anything stand in your path. Remember that.

Rishab Sharma

2 thoughts on “Get a Kick Out of Your Fears.

  1. The author wants to convey the importance of overcoming the fears in an individual’s life. Fears can be taken as a challenge by an individual and performing on that aspect can make you the most satisfied person. It can boost up your confidence level to perform new things in a certain way or in the best suited manner to achieve the things which an individual thinks he/she cannot. One should never underestimate themselves as you never know what wonders you can do by breaking the shackles of the fear and moving out of the comfort zone.


  2. Such an Inspirational story. I feel good to read that Rishabh you face your fear and tried to go out of the box. Nowadays it is really important to get a kick out of your fear, where everyone is moving in their life, we should also face our fear and move ahead in our life. Keep in mind that you possess the courage & knowledge necessary to go beyond any barriers standing in the way of enjoying the life you truly deserve. So, I am glad to read this blog. I also learn lots of things from this blog and surely, and I will also try to come out of my fears.


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