My New language, German

Moving out of the comfort zone is always challenging for any individual. It’s not that easy to learn a foreign language however, overcoming the fear of failure to learn and accept new things can put things together in a better way.
I faced several challenges in learning a foreign language, “German,” since the early days, but after a lot of practice and effort from my side, I got better day by day. I started my initial learning of the German language in the 5th class. From the beginning of the course, I was not very comfortable learning a foreign language as I was happy in my comfort zone only. I continued to learn German until my 10th class, and the journey in between has taught me various lessons in my life.
First of all, I learned how to come out of my comfort zone by putting myself in the situations like a conversation with students from Germany in their local language whenever they visited Jaipur. Secondly, I participated in the quizzes, seminars, and sessions held at my school, which further boosted my confidence as well as my interest in the German language.
Whenever German students visited Jaipur, I started observing people, how they talk, their facial expressions, and vocabulary and also noticing how they use phrases in the conversation.
I started communicating with foreign students on online platforms in their German language, which helped me grow my confidence level. Although I was making a lot of mistakes while talking, I did not give up for a single second. Rather, I asked for feedback to improve my vocabulary and sentence framing.
Overall, I have learned a vital lesson from the journey of learning a language completely strange to me, as it has also opened career options in the German language, which can prove to be beneficial in my career.
The advice I would like to give here is that all an individual needs to do is hard work, and patience to achieve his/her goals. One must not feel shy when they are making mistakes as it is the only way to know exactly where to improve and which areas of individual expertise are in.
Mistakes should not bother anybody as they are a part of our lives.
I think I have managed and adjusted quite well to efficiently learning a new language, although there were many ups and downs in the whole journey.
I would like to conclude with the note, “ Never underestimate yourself, as you also don’t have an idea of what you are capable of achieving.” In simple words, an individual must try even if he fails and should learn in the best possible manner.

Rachit Maheshwari

2 thoughts on “My New language, German

  1. Leaving one’s comfort zone is imperative towards living a fulfilling and enriching life, I agree. It can be closely translated to the proverb, “If you’re the smartest one in the room, then you’re in the wrong room. Just like the author here, it is necessary to challenge yourself with tasks you wouldn’t be engaging with normally and a follow up is equally important, the knowledge or experience you acquired must be put to test as improvement is key. All in all, a very insightful piece of writing, full of motivaton


  2. Getting out of your own comfort space might feel difficult initially but later it’s for our own benefit because no one knows something better might be waiting for you in the future and creating mistakes is a part of life and it is rightly said “making mistakes is the first step towards brightful future.


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