I began thinking of my journey, I realized that I learned a lot from my past experiences. I was talking to my younger self who was impulsive and impatient in nature. I loved my younger self but the things I have learned made me a calm and thoughtful person. I looked through the looking glass of my past and remembered the younger 18-year-old me talking to the 23-year-old discussing the things I learned. I believe that when we become older, we have more experiences to pass along to people
This all started when I was an employee of Indigo Airlines. One day there was bad weather in Mumbai, so an aircraft diverted to Ahmedabad airport. And because of the bad weather, the aircraft was delayed for more than two hours, which caused all of the passengers to get frustrated and angry. At that time, a member of my team approached me and said, “Sir, passengers are getting irritated.” When I arrived at the aircraft, I noticed that passengers were standing in the lobby and shouting at us at the moment. One of the passengers then approached me and started shouting at me and threatening my team. I was in charge of that shift. I handled that situation calmly and requested him to cool down his anger. That was when I realized how crucial it is to have patience in life since it affects our personalities and the way we approach challenges, dealing with customers who come with issues and assisting them in a calm and understanding manner. Being impatient was easier but tackling problems and giving them solutions was something of a task. I have to answer my boss and treat my customers well too. So, the chances of messing up should be very minimal to survive in a corporate world. That attitude of dealing with people helped me and worked pretty well for me. So, I gradually developed the habit of paying attention to other people and started observing, watching, and resolving their problems and that helped me give a fresh and better perspective.
Now, I try to make others realize the talents they have within themselves. That’s where the magic lives. Staying calm in any situation helps us to see this with a very broad horizon and different perspectives. The patient mind will give us more opportunities to deal with the rather that the impatient mind. Losing control over things is easier rather than solving them. So, for personal growth, I always go with the choices that are tough and different to approach. And I think we all should aim & work on something like that.
I know this takes time and practice as well, but you have to make a decent choice and deal with whatever comes.
Start this with a small task in your life like waiting for a traffic signal without cribbing about the traffic. And I hope these small steps help you for a calm and patient mind.
“Patience leads a person to a happy and peaceful life”

Priyanshu Rajpurohit


  1. Really valuable information, Impatience is the root of a lot of other issues. Because of this lack of patience, there is a lot of suffering in the world. The primary causes of conflict, in addition to ego conflicts and temperamental differences, are impatience and irritation. What is needed right now is patience. One of the most crucial components that may strengthen interpersonal bonds and promote peace in society is this. Since patience is a virtue in today’s world, I completely agree with this. Because patience is a way of life, it may say a lot about who you are.


  2. The article “Patience: The true treasure of Life” talks about a real treasure of our lives which is undiscovered that is Patience. The article had very carefully made us realize the importance of Patience with a small but relevant event of author’s life. The article has aptly said that the corporate journey can only be successful after discovering the importance of Patience as to listen and observing everyone can only make our actions and work relevant. Hence with this article we get a thoughtful insight of relevance of Patience in our lives.


  3. Patience, truly a virtue worth striving for. What I’ve seen in the 21 years of my life is that patience can make or break anything, it has a quite potent ripple effect which doesn’t end very soon, it can change a person’s life forever. Apart this, who doesn’t like to be around a patient personality? One who is always calm and calculative and never explodes on an impulse. As portrayed in the article, patience brings with itself many benefits crucial for an enriching life.


  4. The blog “Patience: The true treasure of life”, gives us a deep look at how important patience is in our lives. To reach your goals, you need to be patient and keep going. Once we understand how important it is to be patient, we won’t worry when things take longer than we would like. I feel patience makes life easier because it makes it easier to deal with bad feelings like stress, anger, or frustration. When someone is patient, they are more calm and open to change.


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