It’s not new how the journey started in 2000 when the word cloud and bubbles which were earlier used in context as forms of water are used by the tech. The Internet bubble and the storage cloud and the world start to change.
As the topic dictates the influence of the internet or social media on youth, 95% of us have already thought about how the negative impact it has or the topic will turn in our life.
But nope, behavior science and all scientist could say that social media have an influence but no one can certainly sure it’s is bad or good. That’s what my friend Bhavika says, who started an entrepreneur business, not Mr. Abhimanyu who started to interest with 1000 without stepping out of the room.
We are the average of 5 people around us, but what if given more choices to choose those 5 people? It may end up good or bad. Two faces of a coin aren’t they? But the second phase of influence happens cause of the behavior aspect of humans. It’s a bit technical but also seems simple to understand.
It’s called the FACE rule,

Tell me the last time you thought social media was bad. Have you compared yourself to someone? Does your ego get hurt? Have you not been able to get the attention you think you must get, and the fame of someone is stopping you to put the same time they did to get the fame?
For an experiment, Let’s all bring a book containing the best information available, something all of you have learned from. Think of a book and now just put all the books in front of you and make a pile of them. Now ask everyone to speak about their book to any new person out there.
Then ask him to decide which one to buy, and he probably ends up saying no to each book. The complexity of choosing and filter and filter makes the mind hard to grasp.
The data increases every day, and so does the info available. But how much do we allow to grasp which opinion to trust and how much is a task?
That’s the result of we face the problem of influences we are getting influenced by social media
But how, when, and to what extent is still mystery direction still awaits us, we took and believe in them. Right or wrong isn’t something we hold up as a mystery
Some told about Sanatan Dharm, some about the money mentality of 10x.
Some talk about home as the best place, and some books like rich dad and poor dad about the home as a liability
In the end, I want to say that Social media influences choice, and our minds are just made up of it. We are mapped but can’t we map ourselves and use it for the better, and make some choices? Use it for yourself, not let it use you.

-Ishika Jain

3 thoughts on “                                                           SOCIAL MEDIA AND GENZ

  1. Excellent blog, Nowadays, the majority of people are glued to their phones and social media. Not only teens but nowadays kids also want phones all the time. Most people will sign up for your site, and within a short period, they will realize that they care deeply about letting everyone else know exactly what they are up to at all times. Everyone is so preoccupied with influencing people on social media that they don’t see what the person sitting next to them is doing. Individuals must understand the importance of talking to others rather than chatting.


  2. The message writer wants to convey to readers is reaching them. the writing style by engaging the user by giving examples and the book one very good. I like to read this blog personally because it was connecting to the readers easily as this is the problem which was faced by every teenager as well as elders and younger ones also. This blog’s target audience is teenagers basically and I like the idea very much. The title of the blog itself creates the zeal to read it and so did I. I read this blog because of its title only. From start to end, the reader will say read more and read the full blog. At last, i want to conclude that we should not influence by social media let’s train our minds for upcoming situations.


  3. A less discussed but a true fact about social media, this blog discusses an alternative viewpoint on social media and its importance. Everyone discusses the toxicity of social media and its detrimental effects on our lives . We all, however, virtually completely disregard social media’s capacity to improve our lives. The blog brilliantly discusses how social media allows us to experience the life journey of others ,which broadens our perspective and introduces us to a lot of new opportunities and possibilities in our lives.


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