The hopes I see in my dreams disappear

Everyone’s life includes dreams, as we are all aware. Because without dreams, life would be pointless. Dreams give life purpose and are a constant source of motivation.

There are so many questions running into my mind, about the dreams I saw, about the chance of happening those events, about the reality, and most importantly the thoughts.

Everyone is facing something that they don’t want to do.

Everyone has their battle.

So, the question is, am I the only one for whom this situation is weird?

Suppose you are sleeping happily after completing all the work, feeling relief from all the happenings of your daily schedule because it’s the only time when you can just relax and feel lighter. 

And then you have a dream in which you are praised, you have accomplished something in your life where almost everything is going well, everything seems to be fantastic, and the kinds of hopes you had in your dream, and then tada! Congratulations! That was a wonderful dream. And then the hopes you see in your dreams disappear. These dreams were so beautiful or weird, they captured our attention.

There are so numerous questions that keep popping up in your head. “Do dreams have meaning?” 

“Why do we forget our dreams?”

“Having a vision for the future?”

“Do dreams truly predict the future?”

“What about Nightmares?”

Very soon after waking up, we forget all of our dreams.

The more amazing your dream or illusion, the more likely you are to remember it. 

Your thoughts are like a magnet. When you think positively, you attract positive things, and when you think negatively, you attract negative stuff.

Your mind, your brain is the most complex part of the human body. We create so many emotions every day.

It would be impossible to properly recall everything.

When we dream, our brains gather, organize, and store that data. When we dream, this procedure appears.

Dreams may reveal inner desires, emotions, and beliefs.

There is just a song that I liked; it’s by BB Cooper and is called “In My Dreams.” Here are some of its lyrics that caught my attention.

  I only come out at night I’ll meet you in your dreams Where you’ll see my energy ‘Cause everybody needs to, this daylight makes me feel afraid You know that I don’t even wanna be awake.

I’m relating these lyrics to my hopes that come into my dream but disappear.

Dreams contain a lot of emotion, which can make it challenging to separate them from reality.

The assumption that you can accomplish everything and anything by only dreaming is stupid. It takes everyday effort, dedication, and patience to accomplish one’s dreams.

Not everyone recalls the dreams they have while they are sleeping.

Dreams are crucial, in my opinion. Because we all know that if we don’t work, our dreams won’t come true, they help you become even more focused.

“It’s not simple, but it’s also not impossible. You have to work hard, sweat, and blood, to make your dreams come true.”

By: Kirti Lakhyani

3 thoughts on “The hopes I see in my dreams disappear

  1. This blog shows a great mixture of how our works and accomplishments go with our dreams, yes, it is true that every one of us has dreams of which some are very good some are the very best, and many times we get some random dreams which are part of our daily happenings for example dream of the person you spend your most of the time or the person you love. But we remember the dreams which are either very good or bad, the good dreams are part of hard work which we put in to reach the target that helps us to feel the joy and these dreams help us to be more motivated and bad ones are just a negative part of our life. But this blog tells us that dreams are the ones that help us to keep moving. And this blog shows you have good critical thinking to dive much deeper into dreams philosophy.


  2. This is such a relatable post. I remember feeling like that way when I wasn’t able to crack my exams, I’ve been preparing for it since a long time, and I think that’s what my hopes have been. I’ve noticed my own hopes disappearing as well, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It’s so true that dreams can be so powerful, and they can make you feel like you’ve achieved something when you haven’t actually done anything. But I love how you’re able to acknowledge that dreaming is important but also recognize that one should work hard and sweat blood to achieve his dreams.


  3. I can relate to this blog because I’ve also had dreams that resemble these nightmares. It’s true that when we wake up, we no longer remember any of our dreams or ideas. Is that dream so lovely or so strange that it draws our attention? I genuinely believe the same. Do dreams have any purpose? It can be difficult to distinguish emotions from reality because life is filled with so many emotions. I occasionally have the experience of thinking that I have already seen something that is happening to me or around me. Déjà vu is what it’s called, and it goes away.


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