Walking the Aisle of Nostalgia

One of the simplest ways to make yourself joyous is to recall happy times from the past. Photos are a great memory prompt and since we have a habit of taking pictures of happy occasions, so they enhance our memories to the good.
As my mind hits the low keynote, old pictures are all we need. Re-living the moments in our mind can have a pretty good effect on our mental health.

Can you imagine we have more than 10 photo albums of different sizes stored in our cabinets? These are the treasures that I’d live for another decade to come.

Even during quarantine, we were sharing our photos digitally among our family members through Facebook and Whatsapp and playing “guess who’s who?” sort of games. When I started sharing photos on WhatsApp, in turn, I received photos of the littlest version of ‘my’ creators! Mom look innocent and those funny vintage dresses. My childhood photos from my maternal house that had never come across. My mom and dad told us the story behind their cute pictures, what a night it was to remember.

Sharing photos was creating a positive environment in our homes during the lockdown and also gained empathy, tenderness, and tradition. In between those photos, the best memory was the summer vacation at Nani’s house. The way grandparents fed and pampered us, making us feel special, the way we used to stay out all day playing in the courtyard and not to forget our favorite dinner.

Going through old photos pulled back to my play school days when I had to recite the poem on trees, and for this, my mom and Dadi had made many efforts to sew my dress aligning with the theme. First, they collected the leaves, then attached them to my clothes and made me look cute as well as according to my poem theme.

Seeing all the memories of my childhood through photos, I wish I could go back and relive those moments. The way we used to enjoy every moment without wasting our time on phones and just live in the moment.
We all know that taking pictures and storing them is very important. And seeing them, again and again, to keep them with us. Keeping them organized is as important as capturing them. Not scattered, but keeping them intact. In today’s time taking photos is done through mobile phones. So we will not have any hard copies of our memories and when it comes to soft copies these vanish as time passes due to limited storage.
Truly saying that’s the only reason why I also take prints of my memorable days and my favorite ones to keep them as an indelible imprint in my heart.

By Priyanshi Kumar

4 thoughts on “Walking the Aisle of Nostalgia

  1. I don’t know why but I actually feel connected to your blog I guess it’s because I also do the same thing whenever I feel low I always open photos on my phone and scrolling all the photos to recall the memories. Just not a time in a day but it’s like my everyday routine. Some people’s do open their WhatsApp, Instagram, etc whenever they open their phones but I do open my gallary photos to recall my family and friends memories. I don’t know when it becomes my habit but I believe it’s a good thing to remember your loved ones everytime. Yes, you’re right that to keep memories in photos but more importantly to keep them in your hearts. And still I remembering my family and specially my dadi.


  2. Well, past never comes back that’s why it’s called past! Same case is with the memories. Whether it’s happy or sad, there imprints always stay in one part of heart and brain.
    These memories are precious treasure which we try to capture and while recalling them, we try to relive those moments again.one of the best feeling is when our eyes roll over the photographs and brings a broad smile on face.


  3. Lockdown did take a toll on people mostly mentally, not just the lockdown the whole covid situation for that matter. Reading this blog also bought in a lot of great family memories, maybe because I’m having my first-ever hostel experience, but it also bought back the horrific memories of losing our loved ones. I like how all these memories just flashed across my mind, with such descriptive yet precise writing skills, it just made me go through my photos as well. Photos certainly are memories, which if not captured, that moment cannot be relived again. Well, this incredible blog just made me call my family and had a nice long conversation with them.


  4. I’m not sure why, but I find myself relating to your site. I believe it’s because I always open images on my phone and go through them when I’m feeling low to recall the happy times. Just not once a day, but it’s part of my daily habit. When some individuals switch on their phones, they launch WhatsApp, Instagram, and other apps. In contrast, I open my photo album to recall occasions spent with family and friends. I’m not sure when it became a habit, but I believe it’s a nice thing to remember your loved ones every time. Yes, you can retain memories in images, but it’s far more vital to maintain them in your heart.


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