If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

Like all journeys, “My journey to gold medal” was full of challenges, thick and thins, both happy and sad moments. The only key mantra that helped me throughout was “never give up” because at the end of the day your true efforts signify who you are. I was always a shy kind of person but this journey polished my personality. I became a little more confident than before.

It all started with my enormous passion for cooking when I decided to pursue a “Bachelor’s in hotel management” from Jaipur national university. Among all the various departments of the hotel industry, I was always inclined towards “Food production” to lead since cooking has been my passion always.

My initial days in college were very difficult since I was not much aware of things around me. Gradually I learned a lot, gained my interest in things, and used to look forward to new things and know about them. I used to take one step at a time. Subjects I used to find a little difficult, I used to study them maximum and took interest in those subjects. 

Someone has rightly said so far, “Tables do turn” and that’s exactly what happened to me. I motivated myself so much that I promised myself that I will achieve something from college. I got so dedicated towards my academics and cooking especially. My interest grew with each passing time. I gave many chef competitions which were both inter-college and inter-state. Won some of the competitions, won’t say that I lost as well but yes I learned a lot from them. Failures never made me feel down or never affected my self-esteem but I took it as learning positively and grew with it. Yes, there were emotional moments as well when I couldn’t go through even after my efforts but I gathered myself again and took one step at a time. After all the hustles, little experiences, hard work, and dedication I topped 1st semester of my college and that was the time when my confidence started to rise. 

But, there is a little twist in the journey. So when I topped I was asked by the director of our college if I am supposed to give a speech in front of the whole college about my achievement. This made me very nervous since I had never delivered a speech in front of the public. Somehow I again tried motivating myself but this time was a real struggle, it was indeed tough for me. My sister helped me here by making me see multiple YouTube videos on delivering a speech and I used to do mirror practice as well, was still anxious. This was the time when my dad told me “don’t care about what people will say, just give your best”.  

Finally, the day came when I had to deliver a speech. I went on stage and stood over the podium looking at everyone nervously. I started speaking, but initially, my legs and hands were shaking because this was my first time and I was worried about how it will go. I kept going with what I prepared, I could notice my college HOD and chef cheering me up right from the beginning till the end, and my friends too. I did fumble in between but I went through confidently. It got ended and I could hear the voice of claps and so many encouraging lines. I was on cloud 9 after this. Received a lot of appreciation post my speech. I was so grateful and full of joy that day. I was so overwhelmed and this pushed me to work even harder. I worked harder and topped university four 4 times repetitively because someone has rightly said “Where there is a will, there is a way”. This made me believe that there is nothing that we cannot do only if we have the keenness to do it. I received a scholarship when I topped a couple of semesters.

This course taught me a lot of things from keeping patience to being organized in life. 

Post 4 years came the day of my convocation (the most precious day of my life till now, which I always wanted to freeze).

On the day of my convocation, I was awarded a “GOLD MEDAL” for my overall academic performance.

I still remember when I was on the stage taking a medal, I could see my mother, father, and sister in happy tears where I felt so proud that I have made my family proud of myself. That tiny moment had ample emotions and sentiments. This life experience taught me a lot, I explored a lot, and it surely made me a better human.

This was all about my small journey to the gold medal which involved so many emotions, learning, and challenges.

By Asmita Gandhi


  1. A very inspirational story written in the form of a blog. Your experience from getting nervous to getting appreciation in the public speaks a lot about your self-belief. Everyone who gets nervous or gets disappointed must read your blog and get a lot of motivation from what you have achieved. Highly motivated to focus on self-belief and getting the task done by giving 100% effort and not focusing on results.


  2. The blog is about achievements, learning, consistency, and motivation. It is a very inspirational blog that tells us that being eager for something can make you the champion. if you are giving your best in that your work is done this is not a matter of winning or losing this is a matter of giving your best in things you are interested. I just want to say that starting the blog was about cooking and other stuff; in the end, it was about gold in the study. I think it can be corrected else it is very inspirational I suggest that you must read a blog if you want to quit something after reading you will get the motivation to stay on track.


  3. I just love reading your blog. I can totally feel it. While reading this blog I felt like i am in this blog and than telling everyone about my journey of how i started my football career and won gold medal in it, how it has changed my way of thinking, how i able to give my point of view or opinion in front of everyone regarding this. Reading this blog gives us an idea that Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before. Focus, discipline, hard work, goal setting and, of course, the thrill of finally achieving your goals. These are all lessons of life.If you dream and allow yourself to dream, you can do anything. Thank you for writing such a motivational blog and inspiring all of us.


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