My Voice Found Me

There was a time when I was an introvert, I used to be the kind of guy who was found standing alone and not talking to anyone because of my introverted nature. It was one fine day when I was in my 8th standard, and we students had a task of presenting something of our choice. I liked singing but only when I was alone, just like a bathroom singer. As the task was crucial for every student and carried marks, I had to showcase something on my own. It took a lot of guts even in deciding that I am going to sing in front of the whole class. Finally, the day came when it was my turn of presenting something, I was very disquieted and frightened about how will the class students will react listening to me. Finally, when I started singing one of my favourite songs which I used to sing very often, everybody was puzzled listening to me, my teacher who knew that I was an introvert, clapped for me and appreciated me in front of the whole class.

It was then, my teacher advised me to take interest in music and be engaging with everyone. I got persuaded by the advice my teacher gave me. I would say that it was a turning point in my life, I started interacting with students and started taking interest in the music field. After this incident, I started participating in different inter-school competitions. Everyone in my school started recognizing me with which I felt the best. It was that time and today, I never miss any opportunity to interact with people and perform wherever it is needed. Later this incident, Music became a very important part of my life and I started performing on big platforms as well. I used to go and get classical training which gave me more confidence.

I would say that just like me, everyone has something or the other which can turn them from a loner to a person who loves to interact with everyone. It was a beautiful journey of turning an extrovert into an introvert and getting recognition from so many people.  I believe that there must be someone who advises just like my teacher advised me. In the end, I would say that do not ever escape from getting in front of people and telling the world what you can do. By this, you will be able to explore the world in the better way possible and “find yourself with the best thing you do”.

By Safal Jain

6 thoughts on “My Voice Found Me

  1. I was inspired to explore my talent by this blog. It merely sparked an urge in me to engage in activity linked to my gift. Every individual, in my opinion, possesses a quality that sets them apart from others. In order to maintain this quality, a person should always pursue relevant endeavours. I could really relate to this blog. Even though you might be able to handle your talent side by side with other responsibilities, you should never give up on something like that.


  2. Reading this blog was time well spent. It’s something to which I can well connect. Reading this blog was like having a conversation with someone face to face about how singing transformed their lives and how they found the confidence to share their thoughts and opinions with others. This blog’s quality deserves praise. It’s never too late to begin a new hobby or interest.
    In the future, I hope to find more interesting blogs like this one.


  3. People today find it hard to believe that as a kid, I was ever an introvert. I was also this person who would just talk less and observe more.
    This blog beautifully narrated the journey of this boy of how he became from a loner to a person who loves to interact with everyone. And while reading his experience I could relate it to every inch of my childhood.

    We are Zen z and it is so important to be an extrovert. Being extroverts helps in promoting fast growth, makes the one socially active and above all expressive that is so salient trait in today’s time.

    While growing up I learned this lesson that the key to become an extrovert is finding the purpose that one could be passionate about. Today when I interact with everyone around me and get appreciated I feel like that’s the success for me, to be the person everybody wants to be around of.
    However, in my opinion, both the stages of life when you are an introvert to when you are an extrovert are important to learn certain lessons of life.


  4. This blog inspired me to pursue my talent. It simply sparked an urge in me to do something related to my gift. Every individual, in my opinion, possesses a characteristic that distinguishes them from others. To keep this quality, a person should always pursue relevant endeavours. This blog really spoke to me. Even if you think you can manage your talent alongside your other responsibilities, you should never give up on it.


  5. The manner in which you have written the blog is really connecting since it enables readers to quickly connect with the content and relate to it. Even though I am not an outgoing person by nature, I am aware of how others may feel in similar circumstances because many of my close friends have been in those shoes. The synergy of the site is both very well written and very tastefully carried out across the blog. Being an introvert in today’s environment, which is geared toward extroverts, is not a simple task since people constantly pressure introverts to be more like extroverts. This is because most individuals are skilled at socialising themselves. A blog that is really motivating for readers who have experienced the same thing.


  6. I have just finished reading the blog you wrote on My Voice Found Me. I want to tell you how much I connect to this as I am also an introvert person but also love to sing and feel it. here i will tell you that how important to be an extrovert at some point of time here you expresses it so nicely. appreciate you While much has been written on this topic, your blog expresses the positivity. Thank you for sharing such a great blog. It’s really helpful to me. I always wanted to read quality content. I found this in your post. Keep it up. All the best for your future and I hope you will continue your passion. One day, I will be in the stands cheering for you in your concert.🤘


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