Why So Silent?

And again the same question,

Why don’t you talk much??????

This is for all those people around who are been entangled with this same question again and again where ever they go and are tagged as ‘INTROVERTS’. Being an introvert in this extrovert-oriented world is not that easy as you are always been judged as a quiet and shy person. I m also one of them who is been poked again and again with the same question “WHY DO I SPEAK LESS?”

But let me tell you one thing people who speak less or the ones who don’t socialize themselves easily are not introverts. It’s just they take time to mix up with others. People who can relate to me might know the struggle of going to family functions or in any event and dealing with lots of people who just constantly poke you to speak. And when you don’t talk much, they consider you as a person with an ATTITUDE. Oof! Too much to handle, isn’t it?

But the reality is something different. You can only connect with someone near and dear to you and with them, you are something different, a person who can have a long conversation without any kind of hesitation. 

On the other side, you are trying to keep people away and you forever want to live in your comfort zone with the limited number of people you are comfortable with. But deep down you know that this is not going to work as you have to socialize with people around you and have to deal with them. You eventually have to move out of your comfort zone and meet new people to make a network.

The journey of being the quietest person who talk less and was criticized as boring. This wasn’t true at all because only you and your close ones knew who you are, I can say that my introversion was more related to my low confidence level and self-esteem. More than that my shy, as I was afraid of being in limelight. Making eye contact with strangers and talking to them without any hesitation was a big task for me.

But more or less you have to come out of your comfort zone and update yourself. This updation has been started by entering this college where you get a lot many opportunities for your personality development. As it is all about making new connections, having self-confidence, and good communication skill. This is only the two years where either you can make it or just let go of it. I made up my mind to do everything to get out of my comfort zone and face all the fear and grab all the opportunities.

So just think that you are perfect the way you are, no matter whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. Just update yourself, as the problem lies in how you take things. We cannot change the personality traits we are born with but we can polish them.


12 thoughts on “Why So Silent?

  1. I loved the way how you expressed your personality trait of being introverted in the blog also the synergy of the blog was good. and you also tried to relate it to people who are introverted like me. and yes, I could relate very much by reading this blog because I myself am also an introvert. and I think your blog will help to all those people who are introverted and still in their comfort zone leaving alone. because what we see today is beyond being alone in your comfort zone and a person needs to open up in front of the world one day or the other. and I truly agree as you mentioned at the end that everyone is not perfect and this is what makes everyone different.


  2. There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert or extrovert or even ambivert. You should start embracing your own unique traits rather than trying to fit into a specific category. While you may not be able to change your basic personality but you can always adopt new habits if your current practices aren’t serving you or your goals, You might want to work on developing a more assertive voice in conflict, rather than withdrawing from argument. This may involve learning to set boundaries to preserve energy, like leaving a situation that becomes draining or uncomfortable. Or, it may mean learning to express negative feelings through writing when verbal confrontations feel overwhelming. Nevertheless nicely written and expressed.


  3. The way you have written the blog is truly connecting as one can easily connect and relate with it . I am not an extrovert kind of person but still I know how one can feel in such situations as many of my friends are been through it . The synergy of blog is written so well and is beautifully executed in the blog. As now a days being an introvert in this extrovert oriented world is not that easy as people frequently poke them to be like others who are good at socializing themselves . A truly inspiring blog for the ones who faced the same situation.


  4. With the help of this article, I am personally able to differentiate introverts and shy people. And we should not judge the people as introvert, extrovert or shy people. We should understand their side of story and to find out the reason “why are they so”. We are not machine; we are not designed to think and behave in a uniform manner. The most important feature of human is that they differ with each other in terms of their thought and interaction with others. Between extrovert and introvert there is one more kind of person exist, called as ambivert (Person balance between introverts and extroverts). So, the people who don’t know about ambiverts, put all person in either introvert or extrovert.


  5. I admired how you described your introverted personality attribute in the blog also The blog’s synergy is masterfully written and put into practice. Being an ambivert, extrovert, or even an introvert has no negative consequences. “Don’t let the label define who you are. Just be who you want to be. It’s a spectrum. It feels good to assign labels to ourselves because it offers us a sense of identity. But in the end, nothing matters because it’s a spectrum. It shouldn’t be as simple as, “I’m an introvert so this is how I should act” or “I’m an extrovert so this is how I should act.” Everything should be taken with a grain of salt; it’s not a medical diagnostic, simply something to help us understand ourselves better.


  6. As beautifully stated, you are perfect the way you are. We don’t have to fit into the paradoxical box created by the people around us who always say that we have to behave in a particular way. Socializing with people is really great, but only when you really want to do so, not because you feel pressured. It is really great to know that now you willingly want to try some new things and face your fears. This really needs a good amount of courage. 



  7. Happiness and sorrow are two faces of same coin. The moment you feel happy, next moment will come with a sorrow. Even sorrow brings value to the happiness. Nobody can identify the moment of happiness if he has not experienced sorrow. Sorrow is equally important experience happiness. Nothing is permanent. Permanent happiness comes from contentment. As Buddha said, “Desire is the cause of sorrow”; You have reduce the desires to be happy. Only contentment leads to happiness.


  8. I can understand how one feels on being constantly asked- ‘ Why are you so silent?’. Sometimes , it is irritating as hell. At times, I find myself in this situation. I am selectively extrovert and for me it is difficult to get into a conversation until it is intellectually simulating. Sometimes, I do try to mix with people and make normal talk. It was difficult initially , but eventually I grew more comfortable opening up. It is not that difficult as it used to be. But, one thing has remained unchanged. After a long conversation, I start longing for a silent corner, I also started craving for some peace. I guess this is how it will always be.


  9. It’s wonderful how you presented yourself here. You expressed yourself since you are an introvert, and it takes a lot of courage for an introvert to speak up and break out of their shell.
    I am an extrovert and have often wondered what it is like to be an introvert. One thing I have learned is that introverts are actually extroverts at their core who open up when they connect with someone. I agree with what you have wonderfully said about how introverts are selective in who they choose as friends since I have introverted friends that are actually deep down extroverts, but only with a select few.
    And I know how difficult it is for you, Anjali, to put your confidence in others.
    Overall, I adored the way you expressed your emotions and introduced the world to an introvert.
    I appreciate you clarifying up my misunderstanding about introverts. Please keep writing and try to be more expressive. I cherished your blog.


  10. You have correctly stated what problem an introvert face and why is it necessary to overcome this situation. I can basically relate to this blog very much because I myself is an introvert. I had the had the same thoughts before entering the college that I have to come out of my shell and try to grab every opportunity that comes my way. As you have correctly said these are the only two years where either you can make it or break it. MBA is all about connections. It is very engaging and insightful blog.


  11. A very intellectual blog which clearly and strongly put forwards the points and feelings of an introvert person. The feelings , the anxiety when you are in a crowded place and the most important thing , to make an eye contact with strangers are the toughest thing for an introvert to handle and these points were important and needed to be mentioned. The most important misconception about a introvert person is also addressed here that is , there are silent , shy but the reality is that they are very open and expressive when they are with the people they feel comfortable to talk and express. Being an introvert myself, i can relate very much to this blog.


  12. You have correctly stated what problem an introvert face and why is it necessary to overcome this situation. I can basically relate to this blog very much because, I myself is an introvert which had the same thoughts before entering the college that I have to come out of my shell and try to grab every opportunity that comes my way. As you have correctly said these are the only two years where either you can make it or break it. MBA is all about connections. It was very engaging and insightful blog.


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