A FEELING of Satisfaction….

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we make some bad moments and regret about the decisions and sometimes we feel proud of some decisions that we made in the past. As the sand of time slips hundreds of memories get added to the bucket of our life.

Now let me take you to 12th April 2021. These were the days of summer. That day I woke up early at 5 in the morning to study because the next day my exams were going to start. That’s why I was busy preparing for the exam. At 8:00 AM my father left home for the office. Till this time no one was aware of that, what happened the last night under the car? 

At 9:00 AM my eyes noticed that a Dog that lives in my colony, whom, I, and some of my neighbors used to feed every day was laying down with some cute little newborn puppies at the parking place where my dad parks the car daily. The condition of the dog was not good and the symptoms of weakness and illness were visible clearly. The dog was not making much movement and was simply sleeping. At that time, on one hand, I was preparing for my exam and on the other hand, I was keeping an eye on the mother dog and the puppies. Are they safe? Is the dog taking the food item which was kept to eat?

As the hour needle in the clock moved, the temperature started rising and the puppies were not in a condition to deal with the sunlight. They started making a crying kind of sound by which we understood that now they are required to be in shade on an urgent basis otherwise they can also die due to high-intensity sunlight. Firstly, we tried to shift the dog along with the puppies to a safe place but the mother dog became quite aggressive and didn’t allow anyone to touch the puppies. To deal with it, we tied a curtain over them at that place only. After this everybody went inside their home. I decided to take a nap as I had woken up early in the morning.

Now the next scene is from the evening, as I woke up and went outside the house to see what was going on. People were standing and children were shouting “Pakdo Pakdo, Udhar Bhaga he”. Everyone was saddened because another dog who also used to live in the colony, came smartly and took a puppy in the mouth to eat and ran away when the mother dog was drinking water. Now a new situation arrived that we can’t let them be in the open because it’s not safe.

We asked some manufacturers to build a small safe house for the dogs so that they can live inside it but everyone denied to give it by today as it was 7 in the evening. After thinking of several ways my mother agreed to a point that we will be keeping the dog along with the puppies inside our house. It was also a difficult task because the dog was not letting anyone come near the puppies. Some people firstly diverted the mother dog by giving her some food and I started putting the puppies into a plastic tub so that they can be easily taken to the house. Then I established the puppies on a cloth in the parking area inside the house. The mother dog also came there following them and sat nearby the puppies on the cloth. 

Most important thing is that the mother dog was so intelligent that he never spread any kind of filth in the house. She used to sit the whole day nearby her puppies and when she wanted to go outside to follow the daily routines, she simply used to come towards the door and starts scratching the iron net door with her paws this lets us know that now we have to open the door, as she wants to go out. This worked for the next 30 days till all the puppies became strong enough that they can survive outside the house with other dogs.

After that the puppies became this big enough that they started moving within the house everywhere and started eating food by themselves, then we made a safe house in the colony and shifted them to their new house. When I think of this moment this always gives me the satisfaction of saving 5 lives. 

Alok Sharma

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