VIDEO GAME! That’s the word that comes to my head when I think about the universe in
my mind. Where automatically after reaching a certain level our character’s version gets
updated, new places and missions get unlocked and new challenges just make our hearts beat
with excitement and adrenaline rushes through every cell of our body, unlike real life where
whenever a new obstacle gets in our way, the amount of worry and overthinking kills our
soul’s spirit☹
In my universe, there are unlimited chances. You always have the option to revive whenever
you hit the rock bottom. It’s never over until you accomplish the challenges of life and win it
all over!
Precisely like a video game, an individual’s life here starts with having NOTHING. A person
has to work hard to accomplish goals and finish the missions to progress as an individual.
With every stage, each individual starts to gain confidence, and even though the challenges
tend to get difficult stage by stage, we just begin to love and value our achievements even
There is no financial burden at all! Everybody after completing basic education will start
earning money. Nobody will be poor. Yes, people have to work hard to be super rich and
enjoy the advanced privileges of life, but no one will have poor financial conditions. They
can do anything they want to in their life! Everything is achievable in my world. People can
achieve their dreams with hard work. People here write their destinies. Luck doesn’t exist
Now the exciting part of my universe is the definition of ‘SUCCESS’ and how much it differs
from the meaning of this word in real life! Here, it doesn’t mean money, fame, or popularity!
SUCCESS, here, is measured by how experienced, knowledgeable and kind an individual is!
These qualities predict the amount of respect and admiration a person would get from
society! The only thing one has to do to be successful is to EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN and
experience new things!
Here, everyone is the main protagonist of their own life just like in the video game! You can
have any car you want to have, build your own house in whichever way you want to, and
travel anywhere you want to! You don’t have to be an engineer, doctor, or footballer to be
rich and famous! If you’re a good fisherman or a dedicated farmer, you’ll live in luxury. All
in all, every profession is equal in my universe!
Now let’s talk about the emotions I’ve downloaded in each individual in my universe!
LOYALTY is the default setting here and this setting alone makes my universe a thousand
times better than the universe we’re currently living in. Everyone has loyal and supportive
friends, family, and relatives. But unfortunately, loyalty doesn’t mean that misunderstandings
don’t happen here! People here too face ups and downs in their relationships and how they
overcome these problems measures their maturity and their progress as a person.
The emotions of Jealousy and immense hatred don’t exist here. Everyone just feels content
with whatever they have and everyone has so much that they would never even have the time
to compare or judge others! That’s why crime doesn’t exist here. TRUST ON HUMANITY
is constant.
Everyone here gets their innermost and deep desires to get fulfilled. If someone is in love
with someone, the other one would automatically feel attraction to the other. No one takes
any advantage of their loved one. As I already mentioned, Loyalty is the default setting.
Everyone possesses it. People never face the pain of unrequited love or broken hearts. People
find their soulmate at the divine timing and love each other for what they truly are, without
any facade, filter, or motive just PURE LOVE AND AFFECTION!
In a game, if we fail to clear a mission in the first or second go, we tend to get irritated, sad,
and upset right? Fortunately, all these emotions exist in my universe too and I called this
fortunate because in my opinion when we finally accomplish something we have been trying
so hard for and when it finally happens after some hustle and struggle, it gives us joy that we
can’t even expect we can feel!!!
The worst characteristic to have as an individual in my universe is LAZINESS! If you are
lazy, despite having a good amount of money for a living, you’ll never be able to attain the
true purpose of life with this trait! The feeling of guilt will take over and that’s when an
individual’s mental health deteriorates. People here don’t have any chronic illnesses like
AIDS or cancer but mental problems can happen and they can only be cured when an
individual works hard to find the true meaning of life. The looks stop changing once you get
30 years old. But only looks, not the PHYSIQUE. The pain in the body and changes in the
physique can still occur if people don’t exercise regularly☹
When an individual reaches the highest level or the last level, they feel calmness, and peace
in their body and mind and that’s how my universe gives a sign that it’s time to leave and be
ready for the next thrilling adventure! The interesting part is that an individual’s life is over
only when they want it to be! If they don’t want it, no accident or anything can take their life
from them!
In my universe, everyone knows for sure what happens after death. We’ll go to the next
planet. Yes. Planet to planet, galaxies to galaxies. Like a new level with no memory of the
past at all.
The best part is everyone lives until they reach the highest level of their soul journey. In
simple words, when their mind and soul are finally at peace and when they are ready for a
brand-new journey, they’ll leave to live their next lifetime on the next planet!

Anushka Sharma

IIS University

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