Laptop buying tips for MBA students

Hello everyone, my name is Mohit and I am pursuing my PGDM from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur. This blog may be very helpful for so many students because there are so many students who never use a laptop before their MBA and some people are using but they want to change it as perContinue reading “Laptop buying tips for MBA students”

My experience of visiting a govt. hospital

My name is Mohit Vijay. I have been living in Jaipur for 18 years. There is some govt. hospitals in Jaipur like SMS hospital, Jaipuria hospital, CHC, and others. in April 2022, I want to see a doctor because I was feeling pain in my back. I already visited some clinics but it was notContinue reading “My experience of visiting a govt. hospital”

Unheard story: Angry ARMY man to a Calm MBA student 

Part 1 Grown up in a family of serving Indian Army Soldiers. Always had a dream to become a Soldier and To die the death of a Noteworthy Soldier… Changed my school to get a good education and it turned my Destiny into an EXTRAORDINARY Basketball Player. Started playing under seniors and got a chance to playContinue reading Unheard story: Angry ARMY man to a Calm MBA student 

‘Friend-Ship: not so easy to sail’

Growing up we all had so many friends, different friends from different places, there were friends from school we used to study with, from home we used to play with after coming from school, from Nani’s and Dadi’s place whom we used to meet once a year. Overwhelming! isn’t it? But if I ask howContinue reading ‘Friend-Ship: not so easy to sail’

My Journey to become a social media influencer

In today’s time, very few people do not like clicking pictures and making videos. Most people, first of all, put stories and post whatever they are eating, wherever they are traveling but what do they get in return? How good would it be that they get or earn more money only by spending it?  So,Continue reading My Journey to become a social media influencer

Is it the right time to buy Electric Car

Everyone is aware of how electric vehicles may benefit the environment, making them the way of the future for transportation. No emissions vehicles mean pollution would be less, therefore a pollution-less environment means a greener environment. Therefore, when it comes to environment-friendly transportation, electric vehicles play a significant role. At present, there are few options when we talkContinue reading Is it the right time to buy Electric Car

Should People Talk More Often about Money?

There are numerous awkward topics and conversations that need to be had throughout our lives. Those involving money are perhaps the most stubborn and challenging. Better financial outcomes may result from a more open attitude to financial conversations. Research from 2009 indicates that students belonging to families where topics related to finance is being discussed openly hadContinue reading Should People Talk More Often about Money?