Channelizing your failure into actions…

Mujhse nhi hogaa abb…Mai apni life mai fail hogya hu….You might have often heard these kinds of phrases from your friends, family, or close ones,when we don’t get the desired results, these are the common reactions to it. But If this termfailure is taken in another sense then it always comes with a lesson andContinue reading “Channelizing your failure into actions…”


How can we define luck and success? As per the American English, it is basically defined as thehappening of the events by chance or accidentally or incidentally. Success on the other hand isbased on the right actions that one makes at the right time and makes sound decisions. The firststep for successful business and successContinue reading “LUCK AND BUSINESS SUCCESS”

What is Happiness for me?

What is happiness for me? Happiness for me is waking up in the morning,Happiness for me is living a new day every day. As we are all uniquehumans everyone has a different definition of happiness and I think thatevery definition of happiness is the right one. You cannot define happinessas achieving a goal, buying aContinue reading “What is Happiness for me?”