What is Happiness for me?

What is happiness for me? Happiness for me is waking up in the morning,Happiness for me is living a new day every day. As we are all uniquehumans everyone has a different definition of happiness and I think thatevery definition of happiness is the right one. You cannot define happinessas achieving a goal, buying aContinue reading “What is Happiness for me?”

Raising Legal Age of Marriage for Women

I’ve been hearing and learning about the cruelty against women in the world around me since I was a child. Women were beaten, harassed, and domestically violently abused. Females were not allowed to attend a school or be educated prior to the nineteenth century; they were simply taught household chores and then married at theContinue reading Raising Legal Age of Marriage for Women

E-Vehicle the future of transport

Human civilization started back in 3000 BCE in Lower Mesopotamia. At that time no one knows anything. As time passed humans discovered ways to make life easy, and vehicles are one of them. A vehicle is a means through which one can travel from one place to another. Before the invention of vehicles, people usedContinue reading E-Vehicle the future of transport

Electronic Vehicles- A futuristic Drive

The invention of vehicles go to back to the 1800’s, when it was a whole new concept and people were completely baffled by its uses. The vehicle industry went through many exceptional and bold changes to meet out the daily requirements of its customer. It was not by the year 1915 that companies decided toContinue reading “Electronic Vehicles- A futuristic Drive”


After joining the PGDM Programme at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, I came across multiple psychometric tests which interpret an individual’s personality. After giving many psychometric tests, one may feel like magic, magic in the sense that oh yes! That’s me, that is my personality. Because these tests give the results so accurately that one could get deepContinue reading “LOCUS OF CONTROL”