Have you ever felt like a doormat in your life?  Someone asks you for something – maybe your boss, friend, parents, or teacher, and although you would like to refuse, you can’t.  Many folks have this trouble saying NO. Our society has taught us to obey the foundations. folks that say ‘no’ are sometimes calledContinue reading HOW TO SAY NO WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY?

          Web3 the Future of the Internet

When someone hears the term Web3, they are often clueless or just think about Cryptocurrency and NFTs, but web3 is more than that.In simple terms, web 3 is the next generation of World Wide Web 2 where the internet is decentralized via blockchains. Blockchain is a technology that stores and shares digital information across aContinue reading ”          Web3 the Future of the Internet”

My New language, German

Moving out of the comfort zone is always challenging for any individual. It’s not that easy to learn a foreign language however, overcoming the fear of failure to learn and accept new things can put things together in a better way.I faced several challenges in learning a foreign language, “German,” since the early days, butContinue reading “My New language, German”

How to actually make money from Instagram

I would like to start my blog with this phrase. Use social media, don’t let social media use you. We have heard time is the most expensive as we can’t get it back, so why not make the most of it while we have? If we observe today’s generation, they waste most of their timeContinue reading How to actually make money from Instagram


I began thinking of my journey, I realized that I learned a lot from my past experiences. I was talking to my younger self who was impulsive and impatient in nature. I loved my younger self but the things I have learned made me a calm and thoughtful person. I looked through the looking glassContinue reading “PATIENCE: THE TRUE TREASURE OF LIFE”