“My child is completely fine!”, or is he?

The lives of people as children, more specifically as a student, are believed to be the best moments of their lives. They are full of vigor and energy, the most vibrant version of a person they could ever be.But for some, these same moments prove to be the worst time of a person’s life. Why?Continue reading “My child is completely fine!”, or is he?

The hopes I see in my dreams disappear

Everyone’s life includes dreams, as we are all aware. Because without dreams, life would be pointless. Dreams give life purpose and are a constant source of motivation. There are so many questions running into my mind, about the dreams I saw, about the chance of happening those events, about the reality, and most importantly theContinue reading The hopes I see in my dreams disappear

                                                           SOCIAL MEDIA AND GENZ

It’s not new how the journey started in 2000 when the word cloud and bubbles which were earlier used in context as forms of water are used by the tech. The Internet bubble and the storage cloud and the world start to change.As the topic dictates the influence of the internet or social media onContinue reading ”                                                           SOCIAL MEDIA AND GENZ


Do you know that 1 in every 3 women in India has faced domestic violence in her life? 65% of men believe that women deserve to be beaten up and should tolerate violence to keep family together. A high number of women perpetrators are also arrested for violence against women. The abusers are mostly in-lawsContinue reading “EFFECT OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ON ONE’S LIFE”


Feminism is derived from the Latin word ‘fēmina’ meaning ‘the state of being feminine.’ The movement first started in the mid 19th century in the western lands. Feminism is simply a movement for achieving equality for both sexes in social, political, economic, and personal aspects. Feminism fights against gender stereotypes that prevail in our societyContinue reading TOPIC –  HISTORY OF FEMINISM IN INDIA 

Photography! Not a difficult fish to catch

From the early days with simple cameras and film, to modern digital photography and the latest DSLR lenses. Explore the photographic history and the development of cameras, through to the best in image-making available today. The work of the camera is nothing new, but in recent years digital photography has revolutionized the entire industry, bringingContinue reading “Photography! Not a difficult fish to catch”

INEQUALITY – Shorts 7 to 7

 “Never give nor take an excuse.” ― Florence Nightingale. When she first felt that this was the location that would offer her the sense of open-mindedness that she was lacking in her hometown, she was driving past her new university and exclaimed, “How lovely and modern this college is.” She is originally from a tinyContinue reading INEQUALITY – Shorts 7 to 7


Art is a diverse range of human activity, and resulting product, that involvescreative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty,emotional power, or conceptual ideas.There is no generally agreed definition of what constitutes art, and itsinterpretation has varied greatly throughout history and across cultures.So when I stepped into the world of exploring art I hadContinue reading “LINES AROUND IMAGINATION”