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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the expectation is the feeling or belief that something will or should happen. Simply put, it is how we anticipate or hope life will be. It surrounds all the areas of our life – be it our work or relationships or the way our life unfolds. It helps in formingContinue reading EXPECTATIONS


Regularly, society overlooks the value of personal sacrifice. Imagine having to work day and night. A workplace where you are not eligible to take leaves even when you are sick. After working the whole month and not having a salary day to look forward to because you do not get paid. A homemaker oversees everyContinue reading RAISING HOMEMAKER

Bombay, Peace and Chaos

Chaos is a state of utter confusion or total disorder. I think we all face such kinds of situations in our daily life. Our mind never stops thinking. According to some research, people typically have 6000 thoughts per day. Even in sleep, our mind keeps on working. I think the very nature of the mindContinue reading “Bombay, Peace and Chaos”

A Trip to Remember

Traveling is an amazing way to learn a lot about yourself and the world too. Where you meet yourself. Traveling is like a blessing to me and to seek blessing I went to Rishikesh.There is no greater beauty or charm than what we can find in nature, Rishikesh is a calm place, a small townContinue reading “A Trip to Remember”


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