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Planning Most Important

Why is planning important? It helps you identify your goals. This allows us to make clear and specific decisions about what needs to be done to have the desired impact on society.  2. Involving everyone in the planning process ensures everyone understands the goals and what needs to be done to reach them.  3. You will work in a goal-oriented manner rather than lose. 4. Planning helps you accept what will help you achieve your goals and what will hinderContinue reading “Planning Most Important”


“A foolish person thinks themselves to be wise, but a wise person knows themselves to be a fool”Welcome to the wonderland of being foolish. We are so happy to make you a part of “la Familia (the family)”. We have extensive activities to make your day wonderful. Before we start our activities, the only prerequisiteContinue reading HOW TO BE FOOLISH?

Respecting the Unexpected

Have you ever been through a phase where you have wondered “Why me?”. We all go through this dilemma time to time cursing our lucky stars about the unpredicted misery which our fate has brought upon our life. Well, it’s not necessary that anything out of the blue happening in our life is gloomy thereContinue reading Respecting the Unexpected

My firsts….

“Achha aisa bhi hota hai Kya?“ First day of college that nervousness and excitement, the first time being apart from family, the first time being independent and the first time staying in a hostel.So, I joined my B-tech college in Bengaluru in 2018, so on the very first day, my mother came along to dropContinue reading My firsts….

Adapting to the change

According to the survey done by Deloitte’s European workforce, 40% of the employees found it difficult to adapt to changes related to covid-19 in the workplace. Despite the fear of change, it is inevitable. Businesses can either resist change or adapt to it and survive. For example, without digital innovation what happened to Nokia they wantedContinue reading Adapting to the change


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