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After joining the PGDM Programme at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur, I came across multiple psychometric tests which interpret an individual’s personality. After giving many psychometric tests, one may feel like magic, magic in the sense that oh yes! That’s me, that is my personality. Because these tests give the results so accurately that one could get deepContinue reading “LOCUS OF CONTROL”

Take a break!!

Is there any need to take a break?  When I have so much to do…. As per professional adviser – yes!! But as a student – no, let me just finish this assignment first!! At a point when you are fed up with your work or feel disappointed that something isn’t working out in aContinue reading “Take a break!!”


Resilience in one word is ‘adaptability’ on the other hand Perseverance means striving hard for success. Perseverance and resilience go together hand in hand, as to achieve a goal you must complete a journey and it will have various setbacks, you will make some mistakes and it will result in something uncertain or the circumstancesContinue reading “RESILIENCE? BE RESILIENT AND FACE LIFE’S CHALLENGES, ADVERSITIES, AND CRISIS”

Need For Ethics

We have listened a lot about ethics. Ethics is what guides us to speak the truth, ethics is to help someone in need or ethics is to keep and fulfill our promises. Everyone has a different opinion about ethics but no one is trying to understand WHY WE NEED ETHICS??? Why we should follow andContinue reading “Need For Ethics”


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