Volleyball – The Underrated Sport

There was a very famous belief long back, that if you want edge of the seat thrill and entertainment and if you want some serious adrenaline rush by playing or watching any sport, then you should look up to one of the most intensely contested sport in the world i.e., Volleyball.

Having said that, we should not ignore the fact that in this modern world, where there are sports like basketball, cricket, baseball, football etc. are in existence, the charm, glory, and craze of Volleyball as a sport is depleting somewhere day by day. So before getting into why all this is happening to this beautiful game, I would like to tell you some basics of the game and how it is played. 

So first up, it is a team sport, and two teams compete against each other at the same time, having 6 players per side. This game is played in the format of 3 sets per game (sometimes 5 sets as well), and every set has a point or score limit of 25 and whichever team score those 25 points first taking at least a two-point lead from the other side, wins the set, and if they do it twice out of 3 sets, the team eventually wins the game.

Along with these basic rules, there are some technicalities in the game as well, firstly there are defined positions for each player on the court, which are as follows:

  • Middle Blocker
  • Opposite Hitter
  • Libero
  • Outside Hitter-1
  • Outside Hitter-2
  • Setter

Every player holding a particular position, has a specific role to deliver, for example- the Libero is one of the most important players on the court, as it is the first player from a side to get in contact with the ball, to defend and counter the shots of opponent side and pass the ball to other players on the court. Other players like Setters have a responsibility to set the ball perfectly for a hitter to hit a smash, and eventually the hitters smash the ball hard in the other court and the blockers have a task to block the attack from the opponents, to make things easy for the Libero or the other players.

So, this was enough to grasp the nitty gritty and understand the game, now we come back to our main topic of discussion, that was whether volleyball is an underrated sport in the current time or not?

So, according to me, yeah volleyball is comparatively an underrated sport in the current times looking at the craze, fanbase, financials, and fandom of the players of the other sports. If we keep the potential of volleyball to entertain the audience on one side and the real-world data on the other, then we get to know that yes this is a complete mismatch, as how a game like volleyball is unable to compete with the popularity of the other sports?

But hold on, there are valid justifications to the downfall of volleyball, and these are as follows:

So, the countries playing volleyball the most, have their other games as well, which are more famous than this, like USA have a higher craze for basketball, baseball. Even though volleyball was invented there, Brazil plays football on priority, Asian countries like India prefer cricket more. 

Therefore, volleyball became a sport to play on holidays, on beaches etc. just to pass the time and very few gets motivated to play it professionally.

The Paris based ‘International Federation de Volleyball’, the governing body for international volleyball, is neither too active, nor too serious to grow the game and doesn’t introduces any creative and interesting things in the sport, which makes it boring for the people to watch the game with the same rules as of 50 years back.

Unlike Cricket or Football etc., there are no professional leagues in the game of volleyball, which reduces the frequency of the game shown on television or the other platforms, and due to that the game is unable to produce some very good players regularly and every time waiting for an international event to watch volleyball is also very frustrating.

As it doesn’t have local leagues, and it doesn’t have very huge number of audiences, therefore the board is lacking the funds and due to that the investment on infrastructure is not happening as it should, and due to that again the game is unable to produce good players and that loop continues.

Okay so, these were the reasons, which I believe are responsible for the unpopularity of this sport. So, now what would bring the craze of volleyball in the hearts of people worldwide? According to me, as I am also a hardcore volleyball fan and a decent volleyball player as well, I would like to suggest some measures which can help the game revive again:

First, the governing body can look upon the rule book and can make some changes into the old rules, which can make the game more interesting to play and watch.

Secondly, they can bring a league culture in volleyball, where they can invite players from all over the world to a country to play the game in a set format, which will bring revenues for the board, income for the players across the globe and most importantly would bring interests of audiences in the game.

Next, they can invest money in infrastructure development for volleyball in small countries like New Zealand or South Africa or UAE etc. as it would bring good teams and players from different countries and would help volleyball to become multi- dimensional and more competitive.

So, these were some inferences from my side, and being a volleyball enthusiast, I would like to see this sport growing higher and higher and create craze among people likewise cricket, football, or basketball etc.

This game has a huge potential to grow, and if someone seriously plays this sport only once, then I bet they would not leave the game easily, as this game has a sense of attachment and it forces us to dedicate our 100% energy as this is one of the very few games, where no matter how much you are lagging behind, you have always a chance to come back and make a mark, as this game is particularly about team work and a single player can not make you win here, like Cricket or Football, here if each and every player is expected to play hand in hand and if the chain breaks, then the game goes away.

So, this is too much of bragging here about volleyball, pardon me for that, but at the end I just hope my words would motivate you a little and you would go to the ground this evening with your mates and at least try playing the sport once.

-Bhupendra Singh Rathore

One thought on “Volleyball – The Underrated Sport

  1. The blog is written beautifully, covering every aspect of Volleyball like how it is played and how many teams play and how many players are there on each side and all. The only suggestion could be that he should have included more his personal experience.


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