Stop hating Varun Dhawan for Coolie No 1

Another kind of pandemic is disrupting the lives in 2020, the dislike button on Youtube. Even PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat video has faced the music. Akshay Kumar’s Laxmi Bomb and Varun Dhawan’s Coolie No 1 (a refreshed remake of the iconic Coolie No 1 by Govinda) have also hidden the like/dislike buttons from the Youtube videos of their respective movie trailers. Pressing this ‘dislike’ button is the easiest and most devilish way of expressing the hate, as, unlike making memes, writing comments, or making roasting videos, it doesn’t require any creativity or effort to express hate by clicking on an icon.

But why this hate is misguided, especially in Varun Dhawan’s case, let’s see that. There are, and always have been, two types of movies: movies like October & Badlapur and movies like Coolie No 1 and Judwaa. And there are situations and audiences for both types of movies. If some winter night, I want to snug with my kids and my wife on the living room couch and get some entertainment, I cannot watch an October or Badlapur. I cannot dance to the tunes of Thehar Ja (My favorite from October) at a DJ party, but I can certainly do that on any song from Coolie No 1 or Judwa.

What has happened in 2020 is that a new mindset of e-hate has emerged, where we are as fast in hating something as fast it is to press the dislike button. We don’t see the purpose of the person doing something. Varun Dhawan is very popular with young kids. He cannot keep on making movies like October and Badlapur for us, serious-type adults. Second, we have started loving or hating someone for the thing they are doing at present. Our memory has become shorter than the ads on YouTube. We have forgotten the iconic performance and the bravery of Varun Dhwana of October and Badlapur.

To all the e-haters and wanna-be-e-haters, I want to say, don’t hate something because it is in fashion to hate something, because it is easy to express your hate, and because you don’t know or understand the intent or the full picture. And it Varun Dhawan, I would say, waiting for another October or Badlapur from you, but loving Judwa and Coolie No 1 too.

Dr. Daneshwar Sharma

4 thoughts on “Stop hating Varun Dhawan for Coolie No 1

  1. Yea totally agreed with uh sir… I also felt that nowadays our opinions are based on what our peer group is thinking or doing…but yes u r ryt we must appreciate efforts make by someone to recreate a masterpiece for our entertainment..🌸💯


  2. If you hate someone you also demean and denigrate yourself, somewhere deeply. It is fine to critique the person, his behavior or values in a positive and constructive manner. Permit him to amend at his volition. Hating is an act of autocracy and non-acceptance.


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