Time Management: Essential in the Modern Era

The concept of time management is not new to introduce, but somehow it becomes more or less important for us to know how much we need it. all we know about time management is to just complete the task at a specified time but it’s not restricted till here. time management consists of setting the targets and prioritizing things according to those targets.

There is a reason behind why I choose time management as my blog topic. as I think I am in much need of applying this concept in my life more seriously. since I have joined my PGDM Program at Jaipuria institute of management Jaipur, I have realized that there are so many things to learn in all aspects but time is the same as it was before that means limited. I am so curious to learn new things in college and I want to learn all those things within the given period.

After joining the college, I realized that I have to balance my time in all the activities in which I am interested. this realization comes because of an incident that I want to share, I had an OB role play as my class assignment and at the same time there is an HR activity in our college and I have to prepare for both of them at the same point of time. But of course, this cannot possible due to my other assignment and lectures.

The overlapping of preparation time is because of a lack of time management as I know that I have to prepare for both the plays but I failed to schedule my time accordingly. This realization made me feel that I am in much need of this concept in my life a lot.

I have real-life examples of people who are so good at managing their time. One of my very close examples is my mother. She manages all our household chores and is also able to spend her time with our family and friends, she likes to dance on bhajans and kirtans so she manages to take time for her hobbies also. I was quite impressed to see my mother that after doing so many tasks in a day she does not get tired and yes I can proudly say that she is my inspiration.

Talking about how I try to manage my time, I use to iron my clothes and set my bag at night for the next day of college so that it saves my time in the morning to revise the study of previous classes. the half-hour break we get after each lecture, I try to complete all my tasks in that time so that I can concentrate on my next scheduled lecture.

According to my, it is not necessary that all work has to be done at the same time but it is about whatever the tasks you have listed, it is to be done in the time you have decided.
As a management student, it becomes more crucial for me to balance all the assignments and exams which are essential for my career development. We are yet to become managers and have to manage our team in the time to complete set tasks before the deadline.

I recommend all the students whether they are management students or not they must keep this concept in their mind and set their daily tasks accordingly. For that, we must prioritize our activities and adhere to follow them for an effective and efficient way of completing tasks.

I observe lots of things that are the reason for my time wastage. Like using my phone unnecessarily or watching TV a lot and sometimes I delayed the tasks due to my carelessness.

I know all these are the weaknesses that I had to overcome to save my time and I can replace all such things into reading books or listening to some good podcasts where I can relax and at the same time I am gaining some knowledge also. Of course, I am not saying that we must not check the phone or watch TV but for a specified time and not at the cost of our important work that is yet to be done. People are so conscious about their money and keep an eye on where they are spending it so as time is also precious. We need to be careful too when it comes to where and with whom we are spending our time.

Everyone, if they follow time management in their life it can change their life drastically. I am the example of this change that I have seen in my life as I try to manage my time effectively. change is permanent in this world and I think time management made us ready to adopt such changes in the most efficient manner.

-Mansi Parihar

3 thoughts on “Time Management: Essential in the Modern Era

  1. I must say your blog is describing the current scenario like today’s world is moving faster than time in this, we people have to manage time as a student of management we are mismatched in time management as a current scenario we have lot of assignment to do but we fail in managing the time.
    I will tell you the current situation we as students face difficulty in managing different things at one time as you mention in blog that ob one I am also in a sort of the same condition where I have to manage my activities and my study but the funny things is I am not able to any of the things that hit me very hard as a result of this now I make a journal and write there what are the things I have to do today accordingly I work on it that’s how I manage my time and work it help me a lot in my graduation.
    As a student I can say manage the time according to the given situation is not easy but if we work on it will manage soon.
    I loved your blog as it explains the current world how people are facing the problem in managing the time when I am reading it feels my situation and this is the best part of your blog I will say write some more blog it is fascinating to me read those blog that connects.


  2. The dilemma of time management, autor talked about is very common throughout my education life.I must say that your blog accurately describes the current situation, such as how the world is moving faster than time, and how we, as students of management, are mismatched in time management. We have a lot of assignments to complete, but we are failing to manage our time.
    I’ll tell you about the current situation. As you mentioned in your blog, we as students have difficulty managing multiple tasks at the same time. I’m in a similar situation where I have to manage my activities and my studies, but the funny thing is that I’m not able to do any of them. As a result, I’ve started keeping a journal and writing down what I need to do.


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