Set Foot On Two Boats!!

Will this always led to failure?

Set foot on two boats will let you fall from both the boats !! This is the line which is nowadays common among youths, mainly the child from the middle-class family because for the poor class people as they have nothing to lose if they fail to achieve their goals, they can easily follow their dreams and wealthy class have enough money that they could take a risk. They have nothing to lose or know that they will join their family business if they fail. Still, middle-class people have pressure to do something huge and this pressure is a hindrance for most of them ; they always think about what would happen if they fail as they don’t have any support, and because of this, fear of failure and losing everything stopped many people from achieving their goals. 

Set foot on two boats will let you fall from both the boats ” maybe it was confirmed earlier. Still, it is not nowadays as we have seen many people who belong to a middle-class family managed their studies and at the same time follow their passions. Their comes came true; some examples are Ravichandran Ashwin, Varun Chakravarthy, Manasi Joshi and many more. I want to highlight here that there is nothing like that you cannot manage your studies and your passion; it depends on how determined you are for your love. I would like to highlight a recent example of Venkateshwar Iyer, an MBA graduate who was sold to Kolkata Knight Riders in the 2021 IPL. He mentioned in his interview that he had always managed his studies as well as his game. All these examples prove that set foot on two boats will not let you fall from both ships. 

Even my story is similar to one of those, I want to be a cricketer, but as a member of a middle-class family, I cannot depend on that dream only, so I have a plan B also,  now I am pursuing my MBA  degree from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur and also focusing on my sport. 

Many people in our society say that sports and academics can’t be managed together even the schools and colleges nowadays want their students to only focus on studies. Still, I believe that it is possible if you are determined and focused and have support. Many people are there to demotivate you, but some people support such people. Venkateshwar Iyer said that he had reached that level with the help of his faculty in the MBA as the faculty helped him in his studies and asked him to focus on his sport.  I believe that if more and more people like his faculty, the dreams of many students will come true. What I think is that pursuing a passion along with managing it with some other plan B is a difficult job but it is not at all impossible when you have a bunch of supporting peers, mentors, family members around! It always makes the process more easy. I believe that a person needs a proper mental support in order to focus on both and boom! he/she can acquire it all!

By: Dhruv Khandelwal 

4 thoughts on “Set Foot On Two Boats!!

  1. The topic is quite impressive! 👍 The blog very well explains the other side of the success and struggle of sportspersons. Very well written! 👍👍


  2. Nice topic and well explained. I feel that in today’s competitive world, you have to learn multitasking and time management to be ahead of others. Further, having a plan B gives you some cushion while exploring the career options. Also rightly said that help and support from people around you is necessary to take both boats to the shore.


  3. In today’s world it’s quite normal to see this thing. According to me this simple saying has a couple very useful applications in today’s World; decision-making and multitasking. Each of these things has a very direct bearing on stress, leadership, and overall happiness. There are many people who stress over making a decision. In their mind they keep asking themselves one question, “what if I’m wrong?” This question grips them in a paralyzing state until either the opportunity has passed or the decision is made for them. ‘multitasking’ is a myth. It can’t be done. The human brain is not able to concentrate on more than one task at a time. One foot can not stand in two boats. Be aware of where your focus is and adjust if necessary. Maybe the email can wait two minutes for attention to be on a child, partner, client, or employee. I’ve never heard an argument start with, “You pay attention to me!”


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