“GHAR KA KHANA” is a term that evokes a variety of sentiments and emotions in one person. Every person who is living away from has a different level of undefined importance of homemade food in his or her life.

Thus, far If I talk about myself, I’ve been living away from home for well almost 8 years, and this term has had an unexplainable impact on my life. Today, if I am being given an option between homemade daal roti or pizza. Without any second thought, I would always go for daal roti.

When I went to hostel for the first time in grade 9, I was a kid back then and used to miss homemade food, but as the time passed by I consoled myself by saying that with time everything would be fine and I would learn to adjust with whatever food I get in the hostel and would develop the taste accordingly but that did not happen, I was thinking wrong. That’s when I realized that no matter how good and tasty food you eat outside, you will always crave homemade food. You will always have that hollow feeling in your heart that would never fade away until and unless you get “Ghar ka khana” because there can be nothing more satisfying and pure than homemade food.

I have experienced it when I decided not to reside in the hostel due to the obvious reason which was food. I genuinely thought that if my cook will make food for me, I would not miss my Ghar ka khana but that did not happen. That moment I thought that what exactly the problem is, why I am not getting the satisfaction which I was supposed to get from the food cook is making for me but could not find the answer of it.

 Recently, When I visited my home and had simple daal chawal, I had tears in my eyes and was eating daal chawal like I have not had food for months. I felt that was the best food anyone could ever eat and the best feeling anyone could ever have and the reason was my mother cooked it for me at my home. The place where I was having food gave me a sense of belongingness, gave me a sense of satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment. I felt protected and calm while having food. There I found the answers to my questions.

Sometimes it is not just the food but it’s the emotion which one person carries within himself or herself and high sentimental values. Earlier I used to tell my parents that we should go outside more often to have food and I used to eat outside food very much but when I could not get my “Ghar ka khana”, I yearned for it. I always knew that having home-cooked food is beneficial for health and there are so many advantages of it but now I can say having home-cooked is good for the heart too, it gives you the level of satisfaction which you can never get from anything else.

“Change is the only constant in life ” I’ve always heard this phrase, and so far have experienced it too because many things have changed with time for example my preferences have changed whether be it in terms of wearing clothes or the idea of entertainment. Even my preferences have changed in terms of having food but one thing that has not changed from 9th standard to post-graduation and remained consistent is my love for “Ghar ka Khana”. I always crave and urge for it, I miss it every single time while having food. I learned its importance in my life and with time it has only increased.

Meenakshi Dhaker

2 thoughts on “GHAR KA KHANA

  1. Written Beautifully. I am also a hosteller from past 4 years I also miss ghar ka khana the way u describe
    the emotion was really heart warming.
    thanks For sharing this
    have a great day.


  2. I can totally relate with this blog .Having lived away from home and consuming the mess food all the while, I have to say that Ghar ka khana is a luxury rather than an obsession.
    While planning to visit home, my mom’s first question on phone has always been “beta, dinner me kya bana ke rakhu?”
    (Dear, what should I prepare for dinner?)
    And getting to eat ghar ka khana has always topped the list of the excitements of visiting home. I have had the opportunity of eating from the most expensive restaurants to the road side momos, chaat, chhole kulche, rolls, maggi, etc., but none of these could ever give me that inexplicable blissful satiating experience which the yellow daal and bhindi ki sabzi prepared by my mom gives me.


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