Electronic Vehicles- A futuristic Drive

The invention of vehicles go to back to the 1800’s, when it was a whole new concept and people were completely baffled by its uses. The vehicle industry went through many exceptional and bold changes to meet out the daily requirements of its customer. It was not by the year 1915 that companies decided to go greener in terms of energy output and combustion but it took decades to properly implement this idea. In an unornamented language we can say that an electric vehicle is a machine which runs on an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine without using any kind of crude oil to generate its power.

The invention of electric vehicles was a turnaround for the automobile industry, it completely changed the way the world used to look at vehicles, there were some astonishing advancements in terms of comfort, power and reliability. The major green flag which captivated the customers was its efficiency as these vehicles are running solely on electricity and not on any kind of crude oil or natural gas enabling them to save hundreds and thousands of money. Adding to that these vehicles are environmental friendly as well because as shown in some studies drivers of electric vehicles have experience reduced CO2 emission, with that these electric vehicles have less mechanical parts as compared to conventional non-electrical vehicles thus leading to a reduction in operational cost and finally keeping in mind the power, these vehicles are lighter in compared to the traditional vehicles leading to an improved and better acceleration. In the upcoming years there is going to be an abundant demand of these electric vehicles considering the depletion of our exhaustible natural resources and increased energy efficiency.

Just as we all know every coin has two sides similarly these electric vehicles have some limitation and drawbacks as well. These vehicles have batteries in them which consist of some rare metals one of the most important one is lithium, Chile is the world’s greatest producer of Lithium and other countries like China and Bolivia also stand in the que, because of that it will be quite difficult for the automobile manufacturers to retrieve this metal. As much as the low running cost of an electric vehicle fascinate us, not everyone can afford them, their prices are quite high although there are certain subsidies given by the government to encourage the use of these vehicles but it is still not enough to attract an average salaried person, which makes it limited to a certain bracket of people only. In an electric vehicle the most important and vital part is its battery, if the battery sufferers any kind of malfunction the owner has to incur a huge amount to get replaced or serviced. These vehicles are well suited to be driven inside a city only, one cannot drive far or cover a long distances with it, as they have a smaller battery capacity which restrains them to cover long distances. In addition to that there are still not enough charging stations/points in many country limiting the drivers to take it on to longer routes.

An electric vehicle is an ultimate gift for those who can afford it, but still a dream for many. Considering the rising prices of crude oil and natural gases, these remarkable machines are the future, people from lower income group and middle income bracket still find it quite difficult to afford it, as of now government in many countries are providing subsidies on its purchase but these measures are still not enough for the lower and middle income groups, the government still needs to provide more liberal policies and tax effective measures so every individual can lay their hands on them. Keeping in mind the growing economy and increased global warming it is a very crucial matter to act upon because as the economy is expanding the crude prices will be on a steep rise which will beyond any doubt create a stumbling block for the lower as well as the middle class resulting to that, they will not be able to afford the prices of the vehicle as well as the increasing fuel prices. The electric vehicle market has still not been properly developed there are still many faults and impairment like short-circuits, random power failure etc. which the research and development departments of these automobile companies are facing and that too in huge numbers but as we all know nothing is permanent but change, these companies might be facing these problems now but there is definitely going to be an antidote for it in the near future. Many people are aware about the uses and benefits of these electric vehicles but still many are unaware, it is important for each every one of them to understand its importance and join hand with the future.

Electronic Vehicles have both its positives and negatives, on the one hand it helps a customer to attain low maintenance cost, reduced pollution with a great energy output but at the same time it is quite difficult for everyone to afford it because of their heavy and costly batteries. Even if one manages to buy an electric vehicle its maintenance cost and mileage is not up to the mark limiting the customer to use it only inside a state or not for long distances. Considering its importance in the upcoming future government should be more liberal regarding its taxation policies and subsidies and also give a better understanding to the people encouraging them join this futuristic drive. Automobile industry in one of the largest industries of the world and it will take a boom in the upcoming future, electronic vehicles are the future of the world and they will undoubtedly bring an exceptional change for its customer base in terms of comfort, efficiency and power. There are still many problems which the automobile companies are facing indicating that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Electronic Vehicles are the future of this world and they will change the whole outlook of transportation in the near future. 

By- Ishan Pratap Srivastava

2 thoughts on “Electronic Vehicles- A futuristic Drive

  1. What an article. Perfectly described the importance of e-Vehicles and their pros and cons for the present and future. Great work done.


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