Why the end of the year resolutions fail

So, another year, well, not just another year, the JOKER of all year, 2020, is going to end soon. And what does the end of the year bring, no, no, not the countless seasonal greeting forwards of New Year and Christmas, but, something else? RESOLUTIONS, new-year-new-ME type of resolutions.

Resolutions that I will study more, I will spend less, less TV/Netflix/Prime/MX(really, MX?), more exercise, YOGA, cycling, less junk food, more Green Tea, and so on. All of us have taken some resolution or the other on some December or the other. And all of us have forgotten the resolution faster than the infamous 36-run long innings of Team India ended. Blink once and gone, all 11 months like the 11 players of Team India, and lo and behold! December is here again. Again with a reminder to set a new resolution. And this vicious circle continues.

So, why do we fail in maintaining our December resolutions? The reason is very deep yet very simple. The December resolutions are designed to fail. These resolutions are not set because the person wants to set a resolution and wants to change his/her life. These resolutions are taken because the year is changing, the calendar is changing and the world is celebrating this change with firecrackers (these are different from Diwali Crackers, these don’t pollute anything, so Shut Up!). So when we see that change is being celebrated and change is being welcomed, we also get an urge to change something in us, hence, the resolution.

However, when we march into January, to the same office, same food joint, same friends, same everything, we realize that there is no need to change, and a week into January, we forget about the resolution. We go back to our ages-old set habits.

So, what can we learn from all this bantering? Make a resolution when you want to set a resolution for yourself, not when the calendar is asking you to do it. That resolution, set by your own will, will have a better chance to see through boring January.

Dr. Daneshwar Sharma

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