Introvert: The Silence Speak

In the crowd of many people being alone is the biggest curse as well as a blessing. A curse because even being around so many people you cannot get the courage to speak up or interact with them even if you want it bad and blessing because you are far away with all those bad things happening around people or their bad vibes or their drama’s.

So, now I’m going to tell you about Introvert and who introverts are and how they feel, Introverts are normal people or we can say less spoken people, they have the will to speak but they do not speak, they have the will to interact but they do not interact, it’s all because of their overthinking or we can say their vibe because introvert’s vibe does not match with everyone. Introverts have their world created by them in which they are very happy and only a few people (or we can say 2 or 3 people) are allowed in that world. Also, introverts are quiet, reserved but they notice everything around them what’s happening, what is wrong, what is right, they will not speak but they know a lot. So, according to research by Psychologists Jennifer Grimes, Jonathan Cheek and Julie Norem introverts are of four types: Social introvert, Thinking introvert, Anxious introvert, and Restrained introvert.

Even I am an introvert so, I am going to tell you about my real-life experiences, what all challenges I faced being an Introvert, Firstly I am an overthinker, without overthinking I cannot complete any task, So leaving my home for the first time with no experience I overthought a lot that what type of people I’ll meet, will I be able to get along with them or I’ll be left behind, will I be able to live in the hostel, will I be able to handle everything or I’ll fail in everything all these things kept hurting my mind for a long time and even I didn’t have anyone to share all these things except one that’s my best friend (M) she encouraged me a lot and an important part of my life (of course I can share all these things with parents as well but I don’t want to give them any kind of stress). So, I left my home for the first time for my higher education i.e., 11th and 12th from Mody School, Lakshmangarh, I was very scared, all alone in the crowd, lots of things were running in my mind, parents were leaving now I knew that I’ll have to handle it all alone and it was really tough, at that moment I was weak and strong at the same time, tears were running down from eyes but I was trying my best to be strong every passing minute was tough, didn’t know how to handle all these and then one by one my roommates came 1st than 2nd than 3rd we can say it luck or what but they made my life in Mody much easier, I even say it now that if I hadn’t meet them I didn’t know how I would have survived in Mody or I would have run away (ki mujhe yehaan nahi rehenaa h) or I can say they were like savior to me, they made me strong, they made me rule breaker, they helped me in studies, they fought for me, they did everything for me and these are the people we call FRIENDS or Friends of an introvert because introverts really choose people and they do not give entries to just anyone (It’s our world and it’s not easy to be this side of the world). I never wanted to be in the hostel, I use to think that seniors will do ragging and no one will talk to me because I’m an introvert and weak but after surviving my days it just became like my 2nd HOME and no matter wherever I go I’ll always miss my home and my homies.

So, my story does not end here there are many more challenges to come.

-Aditi Saraogi

8 thoughts on “Introvert: The Silence Speak

  1. The author have expressed herself very beautifully, it is like she has poured her heart out while writing.
    It was a nice experience going through the article and have a glimpse of what the world looks like for an introvert and understanding their point of view.


  2. This is really a beautiful blog, expressing ourselves is very important and you expressed yourself very well. Whenever we entre a new place and facing new people we always fill our mind with lots of things, whether somebody like me or not, do I speak of sense, did I hurt someone, am I lame and many other thoughts like (these are my thoughts though). But I realise being happy is important and until you don’t talk, you are not going to meet with people with whom your vibes matches with, some will hate you some will like you. And in the end the people who stays are someone who understands you. We can’t please everybody to like us. With this thought I passed the bridge of becoming an extrovert from an introvert.


  3. Hii Aditi…
    You have really written a good blog and I’m not lying at all. Because I am an extrovert person and I always used to think that an introvert person is one who does not speak much. But from this blog of yours, I came to know so many things about an introvert person, which i didn’t know before.And what you wrote about the friends in your blog it is absolutely true because if we don’t have friends , even if we are introvert or extrovert so there is no happiness in our life. And at last I literally enjoy this blog.
    Please keep writing and inspire us.


  4. Beautifully written!! As I am an introvert too, so I can relate to most of the things said in this blog, especially where she said “we introverts create our own world and only few people are allowed in it” and what other issues we face as introverts. I also wanted write on the same, but again didn’t had courage to discuss on this topic. But she covered it so smoothly.


  5. Beautifully written! As I am an introvert too, so I can relate to so many things written in this blog, especially where she said “we introverts create our own world and only few people are allowed in it” and all other issues we face as introverts. I also wanted to write on the same but again didn’t had courage to discuss on this topic. But I am really proud that she covered this topic so smoothly.


  6. Ambivert- As I have read the blog I think, I don’t lie in either of the categories – extraverts and introverts. Therefore, sometimes people use the terms ambiverts and introverts interchangeably ,worse, many people are still not aware of the term all together. As ambiverts we tend to choose when to socialize . Sometimes we prefer to keep to ourselves and act reserved but other times we’re very outgoing .Hence, it’s not very difficult for us to carry out our tasks in social settings and show our socialization skills.


  7. It is an Amazing Blog!! I am an introvert person so I feel that the Introverts are sometimes misunderstood as being excessively timid, making it difficult for us to mix. However, this is far from the case. Yes, we’re not as outgoing as extroverts and are more reserved, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a great social life. Small chat irritates us, and we prefer deep and meaningful interactions than small talk. We prefer small meetings with the people we care about over large ones with strangers. We have exceptional observational abilities, which enable us to think and write quickly.


  8. The way you have expressed yourself here is commendable. Being an introvert you expressed yourself and that’s a very big thing for an extrovert to come out of their shell and speak up.
    I am an extrovert and I always thought what it is to be an introvert and one thing I realised is that introverts are deep inside extroverts who open up when they find their vibe. You have beautifully written that vibes matter for introverts and that introverts are picky of their friends and I agree to it because I have introvert friend’s and they are deep down extroverts but with just the few.
    And I understand how difficult it is for you to trust someone aditi.
    All in all I loved the way you wrote about your feelings and the way you told the world about an introvert.
    Thank you for clearing out my thoughts about introverts and also keep writing, express yourself more.
    I loved your blog(your emotions and feelings).


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