Take a break!!

Is there any need to take a break?

 When I have so much to do….

As per professional adviser – yes!!

But as a student – no, let me just finish this assignment first!!

At a point when you are fed up with your work or feel disappointed that something isn’t working out in a good way, you neglect breaks and that’s when you need the break, the most.

That’s when you must give yourself a break and take much-needed time off. And this is not just for once! You have to take time off whenever you feel like taking it.

As you can’t be your best self without giving yourself the time to rest and reset!

The best Break I can give myself in tough times – is to step back from work and just be.

Have you ever noticed that the only time you rest properly is if you fall ill?

Nowadays, we live in a world that looks up to those who are busy.  Being busy might sound cool but, a person is only harming himself by not taking care of his or her health, as health is far more important than anything else.

So, take a break to relax from the so-called “important things” and unwind yourself physically as well as mentally to be in tune with the present moment.

Sometimes binge-watching, painting, doing any kind of sport lighten the mood of the person as taking breaks has been proven to be important while recovering from stress, which in return can improve our performance.

But now taking a break may help us?

It helps us in many ways, when we constantly meet our deadlines, our mind loses its calm and becomes unfocused.

Taking a break can help us in many ways:-

  • Mental Clarity: – Taking a break often helps with focus, as working for long hours without a breather leads us to lose concentration.
  • Reduce Anxiety: – The heart gets benefits from taking a break as reducing stress responses is linked to heart health, taking a break whether taking a walk or meditation or reading a book is good for our cardiovascular system.
  • Brain Health: – Breaks improve our mental health as well as long-term memory by giving ourselves some moments of ease our mind gets to relax, and we work much more productively than before.
  • Strengthen Immunity: – Regular break activities help reduce stress by making our immune system stronger and people who actively incorporate breaks into their daily routine tend to be much healthier and less stressed than people who don’t. It might do not eliminate stress, but it allows the break taker to see the situation in a different light.
  • Feel less crappy: – Frequent breaks help us feel and function better both mentally and physically. By introducing breaks in our schedule we create time blocks for self-care and this always has positive outcomes.

Taking breaks often helps us to manage our stress. Bonus points if we spend our time taking the power nap then  It has been proven that taking a 20-minute nap in the afternoon can provide more rest to the body than sleeping for an extra 20 minutes in the morning as this will help in reducing stress and gives both our mind and body a power boost.

Taking a long vacation might not be possible for everyone but occasionally, one must find some time to go out and see the beauty of nature as spending time in nature is proven to be the best among all the available alternatives.

   Life is very short so don’t make it any shorter by avoiding yourself, taking care of yourself is equally important as your work, work can be done even after taking a break but for once if health is ignored, we no longer be able to work as efficiently as before.

No matter what happens life must go on but don’t forget to take a break in between.

There are majorly 2 scenarios but the same result; do you know what those are?

Completing an assignment under deadline gives us immense satisfaction (But I assure you without break it will feed up our mind) and it will not be fruitful as such and a second scenario taking a break do your own thing of what you love the most as it relaxes your mind and then completes your assignment more fruitfully, happily, and satisfactorily and that too under deadline (But completing your assignment is a must).

Megha Asrani

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