Real happiness is not based on anything that we have, real happiness is based on who we are.”
‘Getting everything but not happiness’ and ‘Getting nothing but happiness’, what is important? If
we observe everyone with a sense of focus, we will find innocence. Everyone is in a state of fear
in one or another way and just want to be happy. There are few circumstances that lead to
unhappiness and people start spreading this in the society. However, deep down they actually
want to be happy which they are trying very hard to be.
We feel sadness when our thinking is not aligned with reality. The constant need to change
everything, be it any situation or person, in a way that suits us, makes us unhappy as reality is
reality for a reason. Now, what can be done to always stay happy?
To experience this happiness, we must have a sense of right understanding. Right understanding
means – firstly, accept things as they are, leaving aside our preconceived notions and secondly,
focus on what is actually important. We often think that fame, money, health and relationships
are the most important things. I concur that, to live a comfortable life, a human need all these
things but happiness has no direct relation with all of these. For us to experience happiness, we
must understand that at this moment, it is we being the biggest reason of ecstasy, the ease with
which we are breathing and the normality with which our body is responding is in itself
By “I/we”, I not only represent body, mind or intellect but also the inner consciousness which is
same and common within us. I would like to give an example to my point – if we assume our
body to be a bulb, then this consciousness is the electricity which flows through bulb. It is the
bulb that gets fused but the electricity flows perpetually. The moment we realize this, we
understand that it is me/us who make mistakes and it is that same me/us that suffer(s) from it,
and a smile will encompass us.
A human strives for three things in life – health, wealth and relationship. After such realization,
this striving vanishes as we understand, death is not the end but a change, money is important for
survival but not for happiness, and lastly, seeing ourselves in each other is the purest form of

– Chirag Ladha

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