Broken is the New Normal

It’s a normal heading, right? There is nothing wrong with that? Is it? Many will defend that nahhh!!! That’s not true, we are not broken !! Well, you are lying to yourself!! Guys we all are broken, some are because of their ex-lovers, some because of a bad past they had, and some because of stepparents!! “Broken is New normal”, we all know this story but never want to believe it.

There’s always this 2 sides of ours, one which we show to the world, one comes when it’s 3 in the night and we think that how unfair life has been, why can’t I be loved!! when it’s just impossible to sleep, we are crying for no reason, we want to sleep for continuous 2 days but we can’t because we have job to do/ or classes tomorrow.

Everybody is broken, some because his/her partner is cheating, or he/she had a really bad breakup, when life seems dull, and when reality looks rubbish and we just don’t want to be happy anymore, and even sometimes we have suicidal thoughts, when someone’s dad molested his daughter, or when someone’s blackmailing someone really bad, there are so many reasons Which broke us, nowadays it’s quite normal!! From a 14-year-old, who was assaulted in public or who was molested by his/her uncle.

A 25years old adult whose partner’s cheating, or everyone in the office makes fun of him/her just because he/she isn’t don’t look good. And even 50-year-old people whose Children abuse them or they are just heartbroken old people living in old age homes, missing their grandchildren. So everyone is broken. now the important question is why? What should we do? Or can we do anything about this? yes of course you can, some so many people love you, who gives a damn about you, for 14 years old- your parents are waiting for you at home, so they can have dinner with you, your stupid friends miss you because you were his/her only Friend, your parents who skip their offices just to see your footfall match.

And for 25 years old – there is a whole amazing and beautiful life waiting for you, you have yet to explore everything my lady/boi, your beautiful future is welcoming you, you’re forever is waiting for you, someone out there who will hold your hand forever, who will fall for your red nose in the winter, who will make you happy at any cost, who Will understand you like no one else. Who will give you the perfect happy ending, and for 50 years old- you have your crazy amazing neighbors who make you laugh, when you forget to make coffee or you are out of milk, they will make coffee for you with cookies. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Make yourself happy, do things that make you happy, eat a lot of ice cream, watch series and movies (which you think are funny) take a leave for a day or two. Go out with friends, laugh, and get drunk (Don’t call your ex! again! Don’t call your ex) scream that I am happy, I love me.
Sometimes going to cafés alone is beautiful, crying is good, and sitting on a park bench alone will make you think that life can be beautiful anyways.
Don’t worry
And everything Will fall into its place darling.
Love yourself.

By Saloni Rajpurohit

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