“NORTHEAST”- We are not Foreigners

“Oh, you are from India?”, “Chinki’s”, “Momo’s”, “Corona Virus” and so on. Yes, you read it right. The most common forms of racism that everyone from the northeast tolerates and experienced. We are in the 21st century. India, the world’s sixth largest economy, is a developing nation. The country is developing but somehow the mentality of some is still a work in progress. When I tell someone that I am from Assam, they often ask me where is Assam, and whether Assam is a part of India or not. Not only I, but my sister also faced this kind of situation while studying out of the northeast. “NORTHEAST” the eight sisters of India. Earlier Indian history books, never mentioned northeast history, dynasties, etc. But people from the Northeast are taught who Bhagat Singh, Tipu Sultan, etc. is. In New Delhi, a seminar was held that demanded the inclusion of its history and after that, in 2017 these efforts came into action and the NCERT commission include the history of the northeast in India’s educational curricula. They tagged the northeast as underdeveloped, uneducated, and so on. When it comes to winning medals, Guinness world records, or any other achievements then only consider us as a part of India. Bullying northeast people is common nowadays. Sometimes they don’t want to speak about it. Because they know the result of it. It’s all about the mentality that a person or a group of people has about a particular religion, place, and culture. It’s not about having an opinion about anything. It’s about the impact on their mental health. Bullying someone in schools, the workplace, and society is not acceptable. There are so many examples like a woman from Manipur who was spat on and called “corona” by a man in Delhi, a recent survey says that 60% of women from northeast India to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore have faced harassment, discrimination, verbal abuse, in 2014 a guy was beaten to death in Delhi because he looked simply different, etc. The government should take strict action against them. We are the future generations of our country. We should stand together and raise our voices against that racist.



Dr.BR. Ambedkar

By Doly Buragohain

2 thoughts on ““NORTHEAST”- We are not Foreigners

  1. Yes this is true. I am not from northeast but I saw people make really make fun of them and I people like me try to stop them then they say why do you care about them se much. North eastern are also Indians this is not true Indian behaviour to look our brothers and sisters saw like they are not from our country or as an enemy. We are Indians even we have different culture, languages,food ,like or dislikes. But we all have to keep one thing in mind We are Indians if we divide by borders we United by nation.


  2. After reading your blog, this reminds me about few of my close friends from Darjeeling, who too faces the same situations.
    Even during COVID-19 times, in the initial days many north-east people were treated cruelly. Even after being an Indian they are identified as Chinese. Where are we going?
    Whenever I heard someone commenting on these group of people, everytime I offended!
    I too get the comments back, people laughing at me and calling me the same. Let us all come together aware people on this and support the community by showing respect towards them and their identity.


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