Let’s Bet on Betting Legalization

Betting already exists, right? Then why not earn from it?
India and cricket are two terms that go hand in hand, right? We Indians breathe cricket. As we all know, every year and in every season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), bilateral series, and other important matches, we hear many cases of crores of betting being done on matches, people being arrested, and betting scandals topping the news charts. We have apps like 1xbet, dream11, etc., providing platforms to earn money from sports. So when we know betting is being done, and people earn lots of money from it, then why are we letting this opportunity to earn money go away?
States like Goa, Sikkim, and Daman have legalized betting, earning huge revenues. We all have casinos of Goa on our lists when we visit Goa. We all know they are worth a try!!!
Government should think about the larger aspect of it. The Government should try to develop a framework and urge every state to have its system to regulate these betting activities so that they can earn revenue from it. Also, have more employment opportunities for those who may not possess academic qualifications but have skills with which they can earn money through sports.
Do we have liquor shops running and tobacco sold, so why not have an earning opportunity that is not bad for health?
Government can have a framework that can solidify the betting and make it secure. Government can start issuing authorized betting licenses at the minimum and affordable subscription rates and provide them with betting houses so that they can go and showcase their skills and earn money. But there is a problem with this. Sometimes people forget their limits and even put their houses and everything on a bet, right? A major Indian household concern!
Therefore, to solve this problem, the Government should link the betting license with the pan card and can use the system, which banks use when they give loans by checking the CIBIL score of the person and setting up the betting limit according to the person’s score or irrespective of it. By connecting the pan card with the license, they will ensure all the transactions are done online, there is no scope to hide money, and Government can easily track the earnings and deduct their share.
So I think the Government can use our love for cricket and other sports to provide us with more employment opportunities and generate a high revenue stream that can be used to allocate to other government plans.
Therefore, what do you say? Should we take a bet on betting?

By Eshan Panwar

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