So let me start my first blog on my most favorite people in my life after, or I can say before my parents, and they are my maternal grandparents lives in Jodhpur which is known as the blue city and is famous for its Mehrangarh Fort and Umaid Bhawan Palace and I will start this with a special memory I have with them, and it starts like this me and my grandparents have a routine of going for walk every morning whenever I go to their place as they are every conscious about their health and diet as they are morning people and my generation is a night people who stay up late and sleep for late so to make me also a morning person they take me for the walk and with that, we also go for long drives to near places on every Saturday, and visits new old age homes in those places and spend our whole day there with my grandparents and old age people and from spending time with them, I can surely say they have got more knowledge and experience then a book and the way for telling is much different then now as earlier the explanation was like softly and properly but know the explaining process has changed but that old memories make the live memorable with them and there are many more instances which I have with them and I don’t think it will get over easily and will stay for long.

The relationship I have with my maternal grandparents is like they are like my 2nd parents and also my best friend with whom I can share all my thoughts my all ups & down which is going in my life without getting another thought, and sometimes we became a small child who loves to do enjoyment and became a foodie which that dedicational foodie is very less but nowadays there are many as they are the new generation grandparents because in earlier times grandparents were Strict one who loves us for sure no doubt in that but scolded us like a parent because to make us a better person in life, but it’s not like this now as nowadays grandparents want their grandchild to be a better person and work hard for their goal, but it is like now the time as changed now no one wants to scold their grandchild or anyone but make their grandchild feels motivated not demotivated so the way of talking to them has just changed they now talk like very politely, softy and explain them in that tone only. I had an incident on this which also made me realize what type of love they give when it comes to scolding so as we had to get summer vacation homework during our school days, so I got a project to make an electric torch and an electric vehicle and by making that project I got hurt while cutting the wires and steel plates and after that my family members took me to the hospital and get me bandaged but after reaching home I was got scolded for that thing from my grandparents and I got upset but after sometimes I realized that they were saying for my betterment and safety and after that, I went to them and said sorry and realized the importance of them in my life. After that, they had become my best friends with whom I and they share everything which could be childish to be a professional person which I think I won’t be if I don’t have their support in my life. 

They are important of them in my life, so they are very important, and they are very precious ones in my life like a diamond because I never thought of my life like this without them as the way I am getting support from them as they are the encyclopedia of everything and not less than a book as whenever I sit with them, I feel like I should ease my mind and get new knowledge on daily bases while talking to them, it may be on real life insistence, political news point of view, food taste advice which all aged people do and make it fun moment for the house, with that I also love when my grandparents fight it not a serious fight but a small cute fight which teaches that fight is must as they make your relations strong but not a serious one because they might make it weak and at last that might be funny for someone but important for all the boys and men to learn and do and that is not to be dependent on anyone for the work from making food, doing household work, etc. But all this work must be learned by us so that they can do their work by themselves and there are many more things which I have learned, and we all must learn from their experience and knowledge. 

Why you all should also live your life or spend time with your maternal grandparents because as we know nowadays grandparents are also upgrading themselves in terms of technology and trends going on so that they can also stay updated and have a connection with the world and does not feel like, and they are still living a backward life in the trending and progressive world as they are the encyclopedia of knowledge so if we have any question or any problem then we can get the solution from them or any advice we need for our life we can get, and we can also share some happy movement with them and ask from them also there the happiest movement. We could also learn some games which were played by them in their times like Hopscotch, Pichu, Marbles, Gilli Danda, etc. Which were meant to be the best outdoor games in their time, and we can also learn and make memories from learning it and talking to them, spending time with them, and experiencing their knowledge and life insistence and love them as they love us “UNCONDITIONALLY”.

By-Anurag Kumar Garg


  1. It’s a fact, the power of words has an exceptional impact on one’s personality in many different ways as being shared through your wonderful thoughts via this blog of yours. I must say the way it had been written is exemplary as it is directly connecting with the readers and end audience’s childhood memories. The message it delivers to everyone out there holds the upmost importance. It’s a blessing to have Grandparent’s as our best friends, with whom we can share our personal and professional life as well as are able to learn a lot about life experiences form them itself in this fast paced world of reality checks. One is surely glad to have his/her grandparents still with being their mentor, friend and life guide.

    Your blog really created a soft corner in my heart while reading it. Keep up the great work my Friend!


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