2020- The year that taught us a lesson

As soon as the clock hit 12 on the eve of New year’s, wishes started flooded in, – “happy new year, have a great year ahead”. It was like just another calendar year when 2020 began like any other year we all were getting used to writing 2020 instead of 2019. After a couple of months then came to the COVID-19 or coronavirus followed by a complete lockdown. Well, if someone asked me about 2020 or lockdown then I will say that this lockdown has demonstrated to us the flip side of life. I would say that most of us learned the actual meaning of work-life balance (working from home and working for home too). Parents were busy, kids got bored and in between all this chaos, some of us also had emotional disturbances and panic attacks.

While this pandemic COVID-19 demonstrated to us the flip side of life, it also showed us how to value our lives and how to enjoy and value every moment of life. 2020 is now over, out of 12 months almost 9 months have gone by staying at home and stay safe (it has become a new mantra of life). There were the days when all of us longed for a break and wanted to laze around at home and when we get that break (Lockdown), we are not able to enjoy it, we got bored of it. But one thing that has not changed is fear and anxiety that become a part of our lives. At first, due to COVID, all of us are anxious due to the uncertainty but in due course, we all have managed the fact and soon we get over the anxiety. In my point of view, life is not about how many rocks one has hit to reach their destination but it is all about how we made our way through them and I guess, 2020 is the best example of this lesson.

On a lighter note, I can say that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out our interests i.e. in terms of chefs, dancers, writers, and artists who in real life are engineers, corporates, and doctors by profession. Looks like pandemic has surely helped us to found what we like to do. At the end of the day, all that matters is what we like to do and our happiness while we are doing what we like.

-Tanisha Sonkhiya

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