Impact of COVID – 19 On Sports

The human being is one of the most complex creations in this universe. They have a brain and various kinds of feelings, and they always want something new in their lives. They can’t just get restricted to their houses. They love to socialize, going out with their friends, family, and colleagues. They use to entertain themselves through various modes of entertainment, which also includes watching sports events. The Covid-19 Pandemic after the world war for the first time in world history has created chaos in the sports calendar. The modern sports world has never seen this kind of thing which has vanished everything. The various sports events have been canceled or rescheduled due to this pandemic. There were so many sports events planned in 2020 and the preparation for the same was going on for so long. One of the major events was the Tokyo Olympics which was postponed and rescheduled for 2021. This happens rarely in the history of the Olympic games. Games are not only meant for the players rather it is also very well connected with the common population across the globe. People used to watch the games for their entertainment and, due to this Covid-19 pandemic everyone was inside their houses for so long and they were looking for some entertainment and, the sports lovers wanted to watch some sports matches which were not possible during the pandemic.

How Bad the sports World gets hit.

Every form of sports whether it is any athletics or cricket is hit harder due to this covid-19 pandemic. Even some of them are facing some serious issues regarding funds, especially those games which are less popular in comparison to others. The Sports bodies/industry generates their funding by giving licenses of broadcasting to TV channels, through tickets of audience and, by sponsorship. Since there was no sport event was going on there was no income. This means the sports bodies are hits very hard in terms of finance. Although, there was some exception like BCCI, which didn’t hit hard like cricket board of smaller countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies, Zimbabwe.   

In Cricket, The cricket board of every country irrespective of their size have faced big losses. Like Australian cricket board also faces the loss of about $174 million alone. Due to this pandemic IPL also stopped. This pandemic didn’t only impact the cricket board rather it also makes an impact on the industries related to these games like Hotels, Logistics, airlines, support staff, and in combination the whole economy. Not only cricket the matches of football tournament the Indian Super League (ISL) played without the audience and the world cup qualifier matches of India also postponed, tournaments of tennis, badminton, archery, shooting, hockey, wrestling, boxing, etc, al. are also get canceled or postponed. And these cancellations of events had made a huge impact and it will be not easy to bounce back especially for the small board and organizations.

The manufacturers of sports items, brands of the sports industry, and retailers have suffered the greatest loss due to this pandemic. It was the e-commerce industry that has helped the sports industry in surviving and reduces the losses otherwise it could be even worse.

How the sports can revive?

As we are adopting this new normal and have started to live with the threat of covid-19 and started our day-to-day life work with some precautions we as human beings have some responsibility for society as well. And the same applies to the sports world. They must think about each other. If the big sports board/organization didn’t take care of small ones then it may result in the death of small or less popular sports. For returning to normalcy the people of the sports industry have to think so much and come with a blueprint so that they can work according to it phase-wise, which will definitely include the allowing of the audience to the stadium with covid norms.

-Aditya Tiwari

2 thoughts on “Impact of COVID – 19 On Sports

  1. I think the blog is on point. As a sport lover specially cricket I was looking forward to see IPL in March 2020 but Pandemic disrupted the plans. I even had plans to watch atleast one match in stadium but even when IPL happened later that year it was shifted to UAE and matches were played without audience. In 2021 IPL had to be abandoned in middle and was again shifted to UAE. The point here is that COVID-19 not only affected Health, Education but also severely affected sports.


  2. I really liked your blog. You explained the effect on Pandemic not only on sports but also on organizers and sports authorities. As a big fan of cricket I was looking forward to watch IPL in March 2020 and was also planning on watching a couple of matches in stadium but it was postponed due to Covid-19. Later that year when the tournament started in UAE it was without the spectators in the stadium which was not as enjoyable as it would have been with the spectators. Also players had to stay in a bio-bubble & were subjected to RT-PCR tests every couple of days. Same thing happened in 2021 where IPL was postponed in between due to Covid-19 cases in the bio-bubble. I would say that last 1.5 year has been hard on sport lovers as they had to endure cancellation and postponement of their favorite sports tournament.


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