One Seat, Please!

I thought ten times that I should not do it. What am I to do? Is it worth the worry? These were my initial thoughts, combined with the concept of being with myself.

I wanted to eat out for dinner, but there was a catch. Having dinner by oneself. I went out alone while everyone else was with a companion. There were numerous second thoughts, but there was also determination.

When I requested, “One Seat, Please,” everyone turned to face me. So many eyes were on me that I felt self-conscious. Manager asked me again to confirm my request for a table for one. It was the first instance of self-love.

Since that time, I have not once considered going back. The very first time was difficult, but I came out of it feeling happier than I had in a very long time. In addition to chocolates, I may occasionally buy a beautiful bouquet for my own enjoyment. Self-love.

Self-love can be demonstrated through activities such as taking long, hot showers, taking soothing baths, lighting scented candles, sipping coffee while reading a favourite book, going for a jog, shopping for and wearing clothes that you like, treating yourself to a day at the spa, and eating well.

But self-love isn’t just about treating yourself to a spa day once in a while.

To be able to gaze in the mirror without judging or critiquing our own bodies is an important step toward embracing ourselves. Is ultimately being able to say that you are pleased with where you are in life a result of liking yourself? If we truly love ourselves, then we will be able to bring joy not just to ourselves but also to those around us when we fulfill our goals. Does loving ourselves require us to think and talk positively about ourselves at the same time? Does loving yourself entail occasionally placing ourselves ahead of other people’s priorities and paying attention to our own requirements? Yes.

The reality is that practising self-love is not limited to merely an aesthetically pleasing physical activity. Most of us have our own personal demons that we need to learn to subdue and keep under control.

Self-love is all about being comfortable about your own self, loving yourself and accepting yourself the way you are. If you do not accept the way youw are, you will never be confident enough in your own skin. So love yourself.

to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”.

Ekta Mitaliya

3 thoughts on “One Seat, Please!

  1. I like the way you talked about self-love as a lifelong romance. Well explained that self-love is not about having fun alone but it’s also about being comfortable in your skin. I like your writing style; the way you have written it was engaging throughout and ending with a quote was I think the perfect way to end.


  2. I love the idea of self-love explained in the blog the concept and the motivation of focusing on oneself and doing what we wanted are much needed. In today’s scenario, we all have forgotten to enjoy and appreciate our own company. Most of us pretend to be someone else who we are not, just to get accepted in society or to fit in this so-called “perfect world”. I could completely imagine how much courage you would have gathered for just having dinner alone hats off to that. I too believe that we should do what we want to do without seeking someone’s permission or waiting for someone else to join us in that. This blog will undoubtedly inspire others, including myself, to love ourselves.


  3. The manner in which you expressed your feelings regarding self-love is remarkable. The concept of dating oneself is genuine, as many of us desire to spend quality time with ourselves but feel constrained by judgments such as those stated in the blog:-Really one seat?, Flowers to oneself? For many of us, the concept of giving this mindful thought is therefore priceless.


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