Art is a diverse range of human activity, and resulting product, that involves
creative or imaginative talent expressive of technical proficiency, beauty,
emotional power, or conceptual ideas.
There is no generally agreed definition of what constitutes art, and its
interpretation has varied greatly throughout history and across cultures.
So when I stepped into the world of exploring art I had similar fondness that
art cannot be bounded to particular forms, in fact it’s the expression of
individual’s imagination, ideas, the way in which world is seen by the person,
sometimes what a person in going through mentally or socially is been
illustrated in the form of art and that is the reason why we see multifarious
fashion of artistry.

Turning point of my journey

Stamping on my convivial journey of traversing and to perceive that bracket
of art which settled my brain and soul starts with a minimal but yet crucial
human tendency is to get allured and observation. As a little one I always used
to get attracted by colors and the various forms in which it was present
around me and I believe that journey of exploring begins with a glint of
inspiration and that spring of brainwave for me is my dad who is good at
sketching. I used to observe how he used to lay down his imaginations on the
paper sheet with captivating pencil strokes. More than the outcome, the
overall process used to excite me. That’s when I started drawing and
exploring art.
This skill development process was fueled by my supportive art teachers at
the school. Starting with drawing basic figures, shapes, lines on paper with

pencil soon transformed to rolling paint rollers and gliding brushes imbued
with pigments, glitters and varnishes to give canvas and wall paintings on the
school walls their final touch. During the course of my schooling years, I
absorbed varieties of art styles like charcoal art, ceramic painting, mandala,
hatching and Mural art, Pattachitra painting and more traditional art forms of
India adding on to the list.

Everyone in this era of rapid realignment is chiefly swayed by social media
platforms. As an adolescent I started to employ social media applications like
Instagram, pintrest to broaden my grasp over art styles. I opened an
Instagram account and decided to completely consign it towards growth of my
art. So I ushered posting new paintings of different styles like graffiti, pop,
floral, dark and more forms of art and I totally loved experiencing that each
art form has its own chic and language of communicating with the one who
creates it as well as soothes the eyes of one who watches it. What an amazing
irony – defining art as lines around imagination but imagination and art
cannot be confined by lines and it is well said beauty lies in the eyes of

-Dhrutiben Sanjivkumar


  1. I am not sure why, but for some reason I felt a connection to the blog. I suppose it’s because I too love to paint and express my feelings or emotions on paper or canvas since childhood.
    It’s great to know that the author was inspired by her father, and she didn’t just enjoy the end result, but what actually inspired her was the process of making it.
    In the future, I would like to inculcate the way she used the vocabulary and how beautifully she wrote about such a basic topic in an innovative way.


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